How to do textured flats??

Oct 15, 1998
I have a Chavar neck knife with great textured flats. Perkins also does textured blades. Both look great yet both are done differently.

How is it done?
There are many different ways to do the texturing on the blades.If you could post up a picture of the ones you are asking about I could probably tell you how it was done.
I know that most forged pieces that have the texture are done by using a ballpeen hammer and hitting it all over with the ball end of the hammer,and then leaving this texture where it isn't ground.
I leave hammer dings from the forge when I want to leave texture.
I also like to use metal that has deep rust pits in it then forge the blade and leave the pits and hammer dings when I grind.It leaves a very unique pattern that cannot be reproduced,and the fire and then the quench oil stops the rust and so makes a cool looking knife.
They do the flint chipped look on a knife with a Dremal tool and cuttoff blade.They grind the blade with a convex grind and then dig out sections with the cut off wheel making it look like a chipped arrow head or spear point,it is a cool look on a blade and is really easy to do.
Hope this helps out some,
I do mine with a die grinder using a 5/8th's stone. I texture the flats before I grind the blade, making sure I run the textured portion a little past my grind line.

John Ownby


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