How to fix chipped blade?

Sep 5, 2003
Somehow the cutting edge on my kershaw avalanche has had little chunks taken out of it. How do I fix this if at all?
To remove the existing damage simply sharpen it until they are gone. To prevent it in the future increase the edge angle to give it more strength and/or adjust the method of the cutting to try to decrease the strain on the edge, more direct control and less twisting for example during metal cutting.

I would also add to Cliff's statements that if it happens again that perhaps you have a knife with faulty heat treatment or a bad batch of steel. If it happens repeatedly with 'normal' use that is not something that is right. Send it back under warranty. Kershaw has a great customer service dept.
This will take hours, even with the gey stones in the spyderco in the back bevel slots. I've being doing nothing but sharpening since my original post, and still barely put a dent in the chips. I wonder how this happened. IIRC it was fine when I closed it. Also, the tini near the tip appears to have bubbled on the top.
I've had this knife for about 2 years now, and nothing like this has ever happened, so I don't think it's faulty...just wierd.
Yeah it probably will take too long, you could speed it up and use a metal file and then a sharpmaker or whatever flavor of sharpener you like.
If the metal file will bite you have a knife that's too soft.

I recommend you find someone with a Tormek or a water-cooled belt-sander and have them take the chip out for you.
chipped Kershaw 440V and the way too fine Sharpmaker rods are not a good combo if you have plans for the weekend. I'd let someone else do it if you don't have an extra coarse or diamond stone.
Attach two strips of 200 grit sandpaper with double sided tape to the flats on your Sharpmaker and sharpen as usual. After the chip is gone follow-up with the bare brown and white rods to finish the edge. I use this method to reprofile blades and it will save you hours. :D
Buy a new knife???!!! I really like my avalanche, it's been part of everything in my life: photography, car repair, mail/boxes, anything and everything that needs cutting, and getting some drunk guy who first tried to run me off the road, then tried to drag me out of my car to do God knows what to me to back off.

Before getting the various responses about diamond and sandpaper, I went and did it my way, which may or may not have been dumb: just dulled my knife out making like I was trying to cut the sharpmarker rods lengthwise. Now I just have to buy some more bon ami and scouring pads to clean out the rods, and then back bevel and then sharpen.
Laceration said:
That's awfully presumptive, isn't it? What if he doesn't have a Sharpmaker?

And what the heck, I'll be the grammar nazi. ;)

"Presumptive" means "having a reasonable basis for belief or acceptance", as in "the presumptive heir to the fortune".

The word you're looking for is "presumptuous", which means "Going beyond what is right or proper; excessively forward".

Kinda like correcting somebody's vocabulary on a knife forum. :D
speedfan said:
...trying to cut the sharpmarker rods lengthwise
This really isn't dumb, it just splits the sharpening into two stages, I do something similar with tip breaks.