How to get knife serviced?

Jun 4, 2012
Mod, please feel free to correct me if I've posted in error. I was wondering how I can get info for getting my knife serviced. I have emailed hinderer knives several times over the past couple of months and have yet to receive a response so I figured it was time to hit up the forums. Thanks in advance.
Yes i have read all stickies. As well as their website. I understand all stipulations regarding warranties. Perhaps I read over something. I read that they need to be contacted for details before shipping the knife off to be serviced. I have tried contacting them but have yet to receive a response in months.
Months huh, strange? Did you try this morning before you posted this? Yesterday, maybe? I didn't see a single service related email this morning or for that matter in the last week. Unfortunately, I can't research any past messages from you because you are incognito without a real name or email address that I can check on.

Anyway, it's pretty easy to get a hold of us,, PM me here on BF, you can also send a direct email to me from BF, a Facebook PM works too, an Instagram DM's is another way, and you could always PM me on the USN.
It's best to contact Rob directly, I had trouble with the "contact us" email from their website. Rob is very good about responding in a timely manner though.
I was using the "contact us" on the website like Naganalf was saying. I think the latest email I sent was sometime last week. Anyways, thanks guys for the help and quick response! Rob, I will shoot you an email directly in a moment.