How to lose weight on the KNIFE DIET !!!

Nov 8, 2000
Using knife magazines as the guide, it appears that most ...TRUE.... knifesters live on very soft tomatoes, an occasional kiwi, some beef jerky and I think I remember someone carving up a Paca (South American big rat) for dinner. Now that should do for a really FAST weight loss.

Combine it with using only pine boughs for blankets and shavings for starting the fire should also use calories like crazy.

If it doesn't fill you up, I guess you could add cardboard strips and some sisal rope just for bulk.

Oct 30, 2005
Well, tomato cutting can be a challenge for some knives (out of the box, anyway).

I always thought Paca were too cute to eat (though they are tasty).

The often pathetic testing conducted in the magazines is one reason I appreciatte Mr. Stamps, et tal tests as found on/from here.
Dec 31, 2000
So on the diet I can eat anything I can cut with a knife? Cany bars, sirloin, blocks of ice cream, french fries...

Maybe a better idea, spend all your money on knives so you can't buy as much at the grocery.