How to make a guard.

Jul 28, 2003
johnnybegood said:
How do you make a hand gaurd between the blade and the handle? For example, i want to make a bowie knife, and i want a simple straight gaurd.

We need a little more info here. Is the tang of the knife completely hidden?

If so then it's a matter of measuring the thickness and width of the tang and cutting a hole in a piece of brass, nickle or steel that size. You do this by drilling a few holes, cut the web between the holes with a jewlers saw. and use some small files to file the hole to the correct thickness and width. This is the lowest tech least amount of tooling method.
Apr 14, 2005
Check out Terry Primos' tutorial on the subject. VERY helpful for me.
Jun 22, 2002
I don't have a site and don't know how to put a link to it even if I did so I sent you an email with a copy of a message I sent to a mate grading chain drilling a slot in metal. It may sound a bit strange because I did not edit it to
exactly what you wanted but it may be helpfull.

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Aug 20, 2004
There are many tutorials on . Check in the "KNIVES" section.(The site has been acting up a bit lately,Pakaramen is trying to fix it.)
There is all the info you will need to make a knife on that site.