how to make stainless blue?

Dec 4, 2005
i've made a stainless steel rose for my girlfriend for valentines day and i heard that if you quench it in transmission fluid it will turn blue, how is this possible? the only transmission fluid i can find is yellow, will it turn blue afterwards? if not does anyone know something that i can use to do the same thing that's not too expensive? thanks guys i know this isnt a knife question but i figured you'd know :) also if possible i'd like to do some brass streaks with a brush after the blue coating goes on, would this ruin it? here's a pic
Jun 10, 2003
That rose will get you many points, nice ! I think they mean dipping in oil then heating it .But you don't need the oil , just heating will give you oxide colors. It might be difficult to maintain uniform color with that complex a shape though . Take a piece of stainless like the petal and heat the outer edge and see if you like that it might give a nice touch of color .Depending on temperature it will give gold, brown, blue purple.
Sep 26, 1999
different temps in the oven will give different colors or you can paint the colors on with a torch,Then quench it in the oil to lock the color in and give a nice shine to the color.

That rose is very cool looking also.