How to save from rust the blades you use for foods too?

Mar 29, 1999
I don't like to use Tuf-Cloth on the blades I plan to use on my food too.

BTW, I don't use Teflon-coated pans or pots too.

Until now, I made some experiments, from honing oil to butter.

Do you have some suggestions what can I use to protect these blades? Olive oil, margarine, cooking fat?

My first choice would be olive oil (I have a very good healty olive oil, it costs $ 10 USD a litre), but I don't know anything about its long term effects on steel, its chemistry.

You may wish to check the ongoing thread entitled "Knive oils", for information on this topic.

My main concern is to not get a metalic flavor in acidic foods like tomatoes and tart fruits. Oil will not last long enough while I prepare large amounts of these foods. I just use a "stainless" alloy and clean immediately after use. For these purposes the steel does not have to be very hard, it just needs to take a very sharp edge for the tomatoes. I like thin smooth edges.

For meats I have some very long carbon steel blades. They do develop discoloration which I mostly ignore. Again you just want to clean the blades with hot soapy water right after you use them. Keeping them shiny almost means not using them.