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how to sell?

Mar 15, 2001
I am getting started at forging. I am getting excited about the ability to "recycle". Suppose I forge a blade out of some unknown steel that I have tested well and determined it is tough stuff. What do you guys tell a customer when they ask "What kind of steel is the blade made out of?" I guess I have wondered about this. Also does anyone know if car and truck axles and various transmission shafts splined only on ends and smooth 1/2" diam. in middle, which are carbon steel, will forge good blades? I have collected several of these items from our junkpile at work with high hopes only to be told by a high authority that they were PROBABLY a low carbon content. He told me to do my own experimenting which I PLAN TO DO ON MY OWN but I could not resist asking you guys if you have ever tried them. Cory

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Just tell them exactly what it was made from,It adds to the history of the Blade.
I don't know about the axles,so good luck and let us know what you find out about them.

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I'd sure try them for the right price, some people swear by old/broken John Deer Axles for knives.