how to turn you Lansky into a Sharpmaker

Oct 2, 1998
hey, here's a way you can use your lansky like a sharpmaker, especially if you hate using the annoying clamp.

take the clamp, and close the pieces together so that they are touching, you may want to tape them together. insert a rod into the stone you want to use.

now take your clamp, which looks like the letter T , and turn it upside down like an upside down T and place it on a book or something, so that there is space between the angle holes and the table. like this:

now, say you want a 20 degree angle, then insert the rod through the appropriate hole and with the stone side facing up , like this: (you may want to use a protractor to make sure of the angle)


tape the whole contraction up so it doesn't slip, or just hold it all together with your hands...
to sharpen, just 'slice' the knife on the stone, like the sharpmaker, and voila!

has anyone else ever done this, or am I just a genius?

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[This message has been edited by Jadis (edited 04 May 1999).] not exactly sure what you mean. Do you mean that you basically fix the stone at a certain angle and then move the knife? I also hate using that clamp, too, so I'm always looking for another way to use the Lansky!
you hold the knife in your hand, perpendicular to the ground, and slide it down/across the stone, like you were slicing a piece of bread..
Clever, sure. Genius would be buying a sharpmaker in the first place

I like my Lansky quite a bit, but am waiting for the new sharpmaker to come out. Setting up the clamp and stand for a few quick strokes to keep my edge keen is a bit of a pain, and that is what I want the sharpmaker for. I like the Lansky because of the consistancy and ease of use (once you are set up!) and it is great for rehabilitating a blade. Plus, when the guys around the Opera House want me to sharpen thier knives as keen as mine, I just hand them the green box and tell them to read the instructions. A real time saver