Photos How Well Do We Know Our ABC's? (Traditional Version)

Eli Chaps

Gold Member
Apr 20, 2018
So I think this will either be fun or a total failure. :D

The idea is, each day we post a picture with the next consecutive alphabet letter being a prominent feature. So we start today with A and then tomorrow it will be B and so on. No formal letter change announcement, just if you see it's the next day, then go ahead and move to the next letter. Might get tricky with international involvement but we'll see.

The letter should be a prominent descriptor of the posted knife. "D" might be D2 or Davison. Black Micarta could go in B or M. Case Trapper could be C or T. You get the idea.

Okay, here goes. I'll start with a pair of Case MiniCopperlocks in Amber Bone and Antique Smooth Bone. :)


Let's see what you got for A.