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How's celluloid as handle material?

Oct 6, 1998
I got a Blue Ridge catalog which has many traditionally styled pocket knives from brands I hadn't heard before and many of them have celluloid scales. I remember reading about celluloid at the forums before, but I couldn't find the thread I was looking for. I'd like to hear more from you guys. Both good and bad things about it. My memory isn't the best around but I think I read something about celluloid not being good to be fondled with constantly. Is this true or is my head playing tricks on me again? Thanks.

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Celluloid dust which might come from grinding or filing celluloid is, in fact, not just flamable, but is very explosive.

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Its very, very Flammable. Plus hard to get in any thickness more than an eight inch thick, and yes handling does soften and wreck the surface of it, because of finger acid
Also it has been reported, that if it begins to deteriorate, the fumes often cause rusting to exposed portions of the knife's blades. Deterioration is often undetectible, and causes damage to blades before it is detected.

However, I have several Fighting Rooster celuloid handle knives, with no damage occurring at this time.

There have been tests run on deteriorating celuloid, and once the process starts, there have been no methods found to stop it.

Yup. I was once told by an old timey collector to be careful where you store your celluloid-handled knives, that they can damage other knives in the same drawer. In fact, this was going to be one of my "hot tips" at http://www.bladeforums.com/ubb/Forum64/HTML/000422.html



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