How's School Going?

Feb 4, 2012
Hope things are going well and getting back in the classroom isn't driving you crazy. Just checking in really, hope you're also working on some new ideas for when you head back to the shop. I'm still chomping at the bit for a crash ax. Keep at it and remember to take some time to relax now and then.
Sep 10, 2010

School is going well just crazy busy. I work at the courthouse as well as going to school so I haven't had much shop time. Thankfully next semester I will only have school 2 days a week so I will have much more time to work.

I can't wait to hit knives hard again in the upcoming months. I've been spending all of my free time and weekends working on knives and on my new shop and the fire and drive to create is there again. I've got a big run of CNC machetes coming up so I've got alot of work cut out for me and I couldn't be more excited to get it done.

As for the Crash axes, I have my surface grinder set up for tapers now so I'm finally ready to get these done! Ill contact you as soon as I get a couple of the blanks ground and ready for handles! Send me an email about any ideas you have. I'm always open to new stuff!

Thanks for the post and I hope all is well with you. :thumbup: