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Hubertus question

Dec 27, 2006
Well, my wife just bought me a new Hubertus auto for christmass, but the blade does not pop open like it should some times. When you press the lever to open it, it gets stuck half open sometimes. Any cleaning suggestions?
If the spring is touching the blade tang, it may need to be re-seated. Hubertus' are bad about this. The spring works it's way out of it's slot, but the blade does not let it come all the way out. Here is the repair: Find a suitable small screwdriver, nail, etc that just fits between the liners. Close the knife just a little past half way and insert the tool between the blade and the spring. Open the blade fully, keeping the tool under the spring. Force the spring toward the rear of the handle. Remove tool.
If the knife just needs cleaning, spray it out with WD 40 several times. Dry it thoroughly. Use a good oil on the pivot.
You may also need to depress the lever more fully.
Upon further inspection my problem is with the back spring, it does not lay flush with the handle (bulges up) and does not allow the knife to click open, gets stuck just a few mm before it would stay open, pressure on the back spring forces the knife on open. Any suggestions for this problem?

Again, look at the kickspring. There should be a gap between it and the blade tang. If there is not, reseat the spring. The backspring should raise when the knife is opening. You have tried oiling the knife, I assume.
Yes, i've seated the kick spring and oiled the knife, the back spring is raised when the knife is in the closed position(and open) you can push it with your fingers and make it move.

Thanks again
I would ask for a replacement, if possible. If not, the knife can be repaired.
Not sure replacement is an option, I think she bought it at a flea market about a month beforehand. :thumbdn: Any suggestions for a quality repair job in the kentucky area? Searched "knife repair" on yellow pages and came up with nothing. (E-mailed virgina blades though, they carry hubertus and hopefully they can replace the back spring for me) Any idea how expensive of a repair this is?

Thanks for all the help