Hunk-of-steel knives (no handle)


Nov 26, 2009
Hi, I'm wondering if there's a name for these type of knives? Are they always custom-made or can you recommend any manufacturer that mass produces this type of knife? I don't have any custom needs so there's no reason to make a new design just for me, but I'd like a blade like this. Thanks.

The Spyderco Mule series comes without handle slabs.

They are generally known as skeleton or skeletal handles, especially the smaller models used as neck knives.
On some you can take off the handle slabs, and do a paracord wrap your self, if you wanted to
Neck knives are often like that (though the category certainly doesn't encompass every knife of that style)
While not intended for that, Falkniven sells bare blades with full tangs, as do other makers. Most any full tang bare blade could take a cord wrap or have the tang polished.