"Hunter Honer" does it Work????

Mykl Clark

Feb 19, 2000
Just curious if it works to a razor edge like we all want? Most things like that only kinda work or don't at all is this one different? Thanks.

Concentration, patience, and practice always lead to success.
I have one that I bought at a gunshow. The guy sharpened two of my knives to a sebenza sharpness. I tried some of my other knives but I couldn't get them even decently sharp. Save your money and get a sharpmaker instead.
I have tried various contraptions along these lines at shows and stores and in all the cases found that because of the angle of the two wheels you get
1) Nice looking scratches on your blade
2) A course edge that almost seems toothy or serrated.
Maybe in a kitchen when you want a quick biting edge and you don't care about marking up your blade they would be ok.
Thanks that's exactly what I figured, I was just wondering. Its a little pricy for something that doesn't work and things in this business are usually worth the price, you know?

Concentration, patience, and practice always lead to success.
I also bought one at a gun show (hunter hone & cutting oil for $20). I've had good luck using this, just follow up the honing process with a leather strop and you'll get that scary sharp edge
. I figure that for $20 it's compact enough for a field sharpener.
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The very best knife sharpener available IMHO is the Edge Pro knife sharpener!! I say this based on the fact that I have tried most of them!! Just my two cents worth!