Hunting knife horror story

Dec 19, 1999
Well, our annual 9-day gun deer season started up Saturday here in Wisconsin and I've got a knife horror story to relate.

It snowed all day on Saturday, making great conditions for the hunt (if not the hunters). After lunch, my brother, dad and I head back out to our stands and my dad asks to borrow my new Grohmann #3 (purchased just for the hunt). As I'm getting into the car, I hear the sphincter-tightening sound of metal hitting metal. I turn around and my dad (I love him but I coulda killed him) is using the blade of my new knife to whack away a chunk of ice that's formed on the butt of his rifle. As I'm about to yell at him to stop it, the chunk falls off and he looks up with a self-satisfied expression on his face and hands me back my knife. As you might have guessed, there are 2-3 deep nicks in the edge. Bad enough, right?

Later, I take the knife back into the house where I stay during the season. Our host sees me eyeing up the edge and offers to sharpen the knife for me on his new electric sharpener. I told him "no thanks, I prefer to do it by hand" but he convinces me that this will work just as well. Within 2 passes the mirrored finish on the blade is full of scratches. Aaaaargh!

I know I shouldn't get too torqued up -- it IS a knife I purchased for using in the woods, so I shouldn't expect it to remain in pristine condition. But I'd rather have nicked it and scratched it out in the field. I guess it's like getting the first dent or scratch in your new car -- you know it's inevitable but it still sucks when it happens.

Any one else have a horror story to relate?

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Sorry to hear about your knife, I actually carry at least two knives at all times, both are quality BM's, but only one of them gets used hard. So When I do let someone use it I don't freak. I have a habbit of showing my knives to people and then telling them how much they cost, this usually causes them to have more respect for my knives.
Don't loan ANYONE your prized blades, period. If this is a problem, keep some beater POS handy (they won't know the difference).
Sorry to hear your new knife got messed up. Well, here's my story. Okay, i'm at work at the hardware store and I'm talking to another fellow abouts knives and I take out my mini afck. He looks at it, says its nice, but not as nice as his Camillus Lev-R-Lock.
Then, unexpectedly, he takes it and stabs the darn thing tip first into the darn plexiglass/wood counter. I look at him and he has this retarded grin on his face as he looks at the knife in the counter. Then, while I'm speechless at what he just did, he hands me back the knife and says, "Pretty good knife." The only thing that kept me from exploding is the fact that the tip wasn't broken. (which I was surprised cause BM usually over heat treats) After very close examining, the blade was not even dinged or dulled up in the slightest of way. Now, if anything changed my opinion of steel grades, this was it.



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This isn't a hunting story, but you will enjoy this knife horror story.

I used to work at International Cutlery, a chain store that went belly up here in NJ, a few years ago. I needed some extra cash so I applied knowing that I have the knowledge to sell knives and as a bonus get to play with all the new stuff that came in.

Well, I know some people respect knives and others hate them, but some people shouldn't even touch them!!! I had this customer come in looking for a folder for his son who was in the Army and he wanted to send him a knife for Christmas. I proceeded to ask what he was looking for and he said he wanted a good folding knife that is easy to use. I showed him a couple of BMs, the AFCK, Stryker and the like and he said they were to much money, so I showed him something in his price range, around $40. The knife he chose was a Fury something-or-other, about $30.

At this time we are at the counter and I am ringing up the sale when he takes the knife and performs a spine-whack test on it on the edge of the counter. Now, these cheap ass liner-locks are not strong at all, so I politely ask him to stop before he gets hurt. He says he does this to all his knives to test the lock. BAD IDEA!!! The liner-lock failed and the blade closed down between his thumb and forefinger leaving a gaping 3 inch gash. He screams so loud that I thought he cut his finger off.

So I go get the first aid kit and wrap his hand up as someone calls the mall security. As we are waiting for the medics/security he starts to yell at me as to why I would sell him a defective knife!!! At this point I lost it and told him that he was the dumb-ass for smacking it against the counter after I told him not to, and he got what he deserved, and that his Army son should get a quality knife like the BMs that I showed him.

After a few days he comes back in with 14 stitches in his hand and apologizes to me and asks to see the AFCK. He buys it and leaves.

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You've just learned an important lesson,never let anyone borrow a knife,unless it is a pos.I used one of those electric sharpeners a few years back,you know the ones on the back of the electric can openers.It did indeed totally screw up my knife,lots of scratches.Hopefully,others will learn from our mistakes.
I was on a consulting trip in Detroit a few years ago, and one of the clients asked me if they could borrow my knife. I was preoccupied with installing something so I handed over my knife; I didn't realize right away that they were using it as a screwdriver so they could take apart the rest of the servers. By the time I got it back there were quite a few nicks in the edge of the blade. Lesson learned.
Hiya Kirch!

Sorry to hear about your misfortune.

If you're interested, I'd be more than willing to try and repair your knife with my 5 pound sledgehammer and refinishing the surface with my 4 acetylene blowtorches... for FREE!
(Additional fine work done with hi-explosives, for just the price of materials, available as well.

Off to perform minor cardiac surgery on myself with a Glock 21,
I remain,

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Well this isn't quite the same thing but it is a knife horror story nonetheless. I was out shopping last night at a new MCSports store, seeing if I could beat the price of a Leatherman Pulse over at Galyans. Well, surprise, surprise, MCSports didn't have a Pulse. But I got into a knife discussion and I was showing my small Sebenza to the clerk (an older gentleman who seemed interested) when he whips out one of those $5 made in china spyderco clones like they sell in the gas stations at the checkout counter and begins to rave about the serrated blade on this baby. I quietly folded the sebenza up, put it in my pocket, nodded my head a couple of times, and then quickly left. I was hoping there was a gas station close by so I could find one of those "babies."

BTW, sorry to hear about the Grohmann. I love those knives, ya know.


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.
I don't let anyone handle my knives, and that's after years of watching the idiocy. First, everyone wipes their greasy fingers over the decorative finish to "get the oil off." Then they 'thumb' the edge "to check sharpness," despite being warned not to. One 'expert' claimed he was a former gourmet chef and used to handling sharp knives. He ran a Microtech Tanto over the back of hand. We almost didn't get that wound closed. (And he was bit ticked that I sprayed and cleaned my knife before I attended to him.) I finally realized that shutterbugs don't pass around their cameras and geezers don't pass around their trophy-wives. I don't hand over a knife.--OKG
kirch, I praise your brave patience.
Even if a knife is a "user", it is one thing you don't expect its finish for long time, and it's another to see it scratched before your eyes.

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Sorry to hear about your knife - I guess I have to remember my Dad's words to me as a kid - "Look, son, would you really lend your toothbrush to someone else? - your knife is the same way!" That was when I was about 10 and he was handing me a new pos for my own! later - much later I learned what he meant when a friend "borrowed" my korean vintage Ka-Bar and began throwing it at a tree - first toss and I had two pieces .. NEVER again.

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Notice how everyone eagerly opens your folder, then can't figure out how to close it?

Speaking of not knowing how to close knives, I remember an incident when I was a lot younger(elementary school). I was at Sunday school, and saw the teacher's keys on a pew. There was a knife attached. Being a kid, I picked it up and opened it. Admiring it for a moment, I tried to close it like a pocketknife. It wouldn't. I begged my military-obessessed friend to help me, but he told me that I opened it, and had to close it.

Well, I ended up ditching the keys when I saw her coming back.

"Hey! Who opened my knife?"

I still know her, and saw her keys a few weeks ago. Opon closer inspection, I realized that it was a Spyderco Ladybug!

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"-shutterbugs don't pass around their cameras and geezers don't pass around their trophy-wives.I don't hand over a knife."--OKG

OKG those sir are words to live by.

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Some guy asked to see one of my Gerber knives in a locker room. He tried to cut a locker! I stopped him before he could do any real damage. Some people are just plain stupid! I handed another guy my EDI Genesis and dropped it and it hit some metal table legs.


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"-shutterbugs don't pass around their cameras and geezers don't pass around their trophy-wives.I don't hand over a knife."--OKG
The most recent hunting knife horror story occured a few months ago, when the Cardinal's starting catcher was given a hunting knife for his birthday and proceded to cut his hand pretty bad, needing stitches. As we all know by now, this didnt help the Cardinals in their playoff series as he was lost for the season.

Two actual knife horror stories that happened to me. Back in high school, everybody carried a pocketknife and nobody ever got hurt or threatened anyone. One day, a so called friend of mine asked to borrow my old Camillus stockman(given to me by my Grandpa). I was busy and didnt have time to ask what he wanted it for. Big mistake! The Dunderhead was using the main blade to pry open somebodies locker! Of course, the blade snapped in half and he just shrugged and said "oops". Needles to say, I have never lent my knife to someone without asking what they planned on doing with it first.

I once had an old mint condition Puma Game Warden fancy lockback, until one day my Brother in law picked it up off my desk and from chest high, dropped it point first onto the concrete floor. Curled the tip over almost 180 degrees. Another "oops, sorry" and I am left with another worthless knife.

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I just gotten my Ken Onion Whirlwind, and was looking for another sharpener (before I gotten my spyderco) and I was at an archery store, where I showed this guy working there mine, and he proceeds to do a demo with my knife! on some POS PULLTHROUGH sharpener. Granted it worked, but I had a crap load of scratches on the blade.

I Don't let him see my knives any more.