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Hi! fellows
Is the Browning Kodiak F.D.T. field dressing knife, of good quality ? How is it in comparison with the Buck CrossLock Hunter ?

Any suggestions for a knife with the same feature ie. gut & saw blade, and a blade.

BIg games hunter.

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Aug 25, 1999
The thing I like about the Browning is that it has a replacable bone saw. Nice feature, which I think gives it the edge over the Buck.
It isn't the same tool but will accomplish the same tasks much faster, take a look at the Uluchet.

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I like the steel in the Brownings better. Browning uses AUS-8 which takes an exceptionally sharp edge. The AUS-8 alloy has vanadium in it plus more carbon than the 420HC alloy that Buck uses. Buck uses a rather simple steel that is soft enough to cut out with stamping dies when it is annealed. They don't use nice stuff like AUS-8 for their standard knives due to manufacturing costs. They try and compensate for the simpler steel with a quality heat treatment or a very hard blade coating. The Buckcote version of the cross-lock would hold an edge almost forever if you don't try and cut bones. If you badly ding a Buckcote blade on bones you may need to return the knife to Buck for repair.

I'd go with the Browning.

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