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hunting knive $100 or under

Dec 21, 2006
Hi I'm going to start hunting next year. So, I am looking for a quality hunting knife that is $100 or under online. I want it to have a decent gut hook and hold a sharp edge(if possible American, German or Japaneese made). Any suggestions, if so can you please tell me the website i can get it at. Right now i'm leaning towards gerber or buck.
I think i might get the CS master hunter plus. Is that preferable over gerber or buck or is the absence of Carbon V going to be a problem?
You've probably already seen the Buck Alpha Hunter w/guthook.... $80 at knifeworks.com. ATS-34 steel and Rosewood scales. I like it.
The Buck Alpha in 154CM or ATS34, whatever they're
using now, is a great value IMO. I have one of those.

I'd avoid the Cold Steel for now -- at least until they
get their blade steel issues settled.
Also, of late, there have been some interesting
threads regarding the longevity of the Kraton handle

And A.G. Russell is a great place to look for a hunting
knife. He has a Deer Hunter in D2 which I haven't seen up
close but seems to be a truly great deal.