Huntsman Tyrant Bolo, Fell Chef quick use pics

Jul 7, 2007
IMG_1049.JPG this is a work in progress since I haven't posted pics since pb much. So give me a few minutes to get it right.
First is a small pile of wood processed with the fell beast machete.
The larger piece is fairly knotty and a bit thick for the machete but it cut the other end off and processed it into large kindling.
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Time to finish the knotty piece with the liberator bolo. I have used this tool several times.
Cutting a few smaller pieces. Makes very clean cuts. I didn't measure the sticks in the second pic but over an inch and well under two is my guess.
IMG_1050.JPG IMG_1051.JPG
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Processing some small stuff and biggger with the Fell Chef
The items in the second pic are a pretty good size for such a small machete. It worked well. I like machetes including the condor golok, baryonyx machete, Kershaw camp 14. I often use them to process all sorts of wood at camp and can see the fell chef entering their rotation. I wouldn't want to go any smaller on it with out keeping an axe or saw on hand but the 12" model would work fine by its self. I usually take a fiskars axe and saw but almost exclusively use the machetes for all my wood processing at week long camps.
This is my first time using the Fell Chef and am very pleased.
IMG_1052.JPG IMG_1053.JPG IMG_1054.JPG IMG_1055.JPG Processing more small stuff with the fell chef.
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IMG_1056.JPG IMG_1057.JPG And finally the Tyrant Bolo. Hunter made the handle swell smaller on this and the Fell Chef for me. They fit my hand very well. These bolos are so large it's hard to tell what large chips these are. I made one cut from each direction with the Liberator Bolo and then the Tyrant Bolo.
I found four black bees inside the wood. That is a first... two of them didn't survive.
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Finished chopping through with the Tyrant. No need to baton when the blade will cleave the pieces in half.
IMG_1058.JPG IMG_1059.JPG IMG_1060.JPG IMG_1061.JPG
These are wonderful bolos. Here is a pic for size comparison with an Ontario sp53 and busse dt battle mistress.
The Tyrant Bolo is over 38 ounces. The liberator bolo is over 30 ounces. The tyrant is definitely a harder hitting Bolo and thus made quicker work but over an extended period of time I can see where the liberator may be less fatiguing.
As a comparison the busse wtf weighs more than 36 ounces. I will have to compare them in the future.
The Fell Chef also will hold its own!
Wow this is great! Makes me want a Tyrant bolo now. If it was made in cpm-3v I'd be all over it.
Thank you both. It was a first run for the Fell Chef and Tyrant. But the liberator has been used previously and the edge holds up very well.
Thanks for posting! The tyrant bolo much chop about like an axe. I think it weighs almost as much. Very cool to see a side by side comparison of so many blades. I rarleu get to do head to head testing on the various models.
I was sawing logs and decided to do some quick batoning with the liberator. Two feet on the long one.
Nice! How do you find the Liberator bolo in comparison to the Busse Basic Bolo 13 (BB13)?


The Liberator is thinner but seems to hit harder. I also prefer the larger handle. Both are exceptional choppers though.
Great pics! Tall thin blades have always been the best choppers in my experience. All the weight of the thicker stock but less material being pushed through the wood= very deep bites.
I have barely used this BG bb13 but I have used my CG bb13. The liberator definitely hits harder. I prefer the handle of the bb13. I have never thought I have small hands but the palm swell on the liberator is a little too large for me. Maybe I have small hands. I prefer the length of the liberator handle though.
Hunter has reduced the palm swell on almost all my blades. Nothing but the best service from him. This is one model I never had the palm swell reduced on though. If I compared handles with one Hunter modified for me, then that would be a different story :) I expect to eventually get another liberator and have the palm swell modified. That is how much I like this blade.
Overall both are great choppers. I would give the lead to the liberator.
I Am fond of large knives/tools. Golok, parangs, bolos, etc. I would love to tryout the huntsman parang, some of his Proto fell beasts and a couple of the big busses like the hnws or huck.

I have a variety of axes and saws that get used also. But they just aren't as fun to photograph:)
I've got large hands and Hunter's handles are just right, whereas the res-c handles on Busse's feel too small (at least in large knives). Hunter's handles are the most comfortable I've had on a large knife by far.
I can see that. The handles he has modified for me are a dream. Super smooth feeling in the hand but not slippery. He introduced me to terotuff. Nice stuff