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This is pretty amazing -

HEN OF THE WOODS - this grew OVERNIGHT! :oops:

Rainy night and so the thing is sodden but it will dry out. We know it's an overnight growth because my wife - just yesterday - harvested the one from the same spot. That harvest is now prepped in the refrigerator in the sauce for HoW Jerky. After 6 hours in the fridge in will haver 10 hours in the dehydrator as we sleep.

Here will be another jerky batch for early next week after is dries some ~

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Here are some lovely, well formed and shiny Red Belted Polypore with a Mountain Kotanto from Crossed Heart Forge.


Here - BELOW - is what might some day be a Red Belted Polypore with a folder from France - L'Aurillac by Pierre Yves Joyeux. I know this to be a RBP because I was there when it's parent spore was broken and removed. Someone else broke it - I had been saving it for years to see how big it would grow. I retrieved the pieces and tried to glue them back together. :rolleyes: Not to reattach to the tree but because I like collecting some off the more rare and dramatic examples from our woods. My glue up failed as it twisted pretty badly as it dried.

Now this is what is growing in place of the original. I am most curious to see if this will develop into a shelf or not. I have collected some very fine examples from the same spot over the years but this one does not look like it knows the plan.

Have you ever seen a toad sitting on a toadstool?
I love seeing the fungi break through the forest floor. It’s pretty cool.

A little grouping…
I’ve also seen a toadstool driving a go-cart. That was wild. Haha! 😂😂