I ain't no "Senior Member!"

Apr 15, 1999
Hi all. I just noticed something pretty disturbing - I'm a senior member all of a sudden. Now, that seems a bit silly as I joined less than two weeks ago, but it's apparently based on post number and I've been letting a year-and-a-half of repressed knife interest out in an embarrassingly large flurry of posts. My apologies for that

(edit: I'm new to knives, but not as new as that made it sound. It's been a year and a half since I closed up my shop to return to school, and I've had little contact with "knife knuts" in that time. I've been "into" knives a bit longer than that

My question is, does anyone else feel that "Senior Member" status should be based on time from joining instead of number of posts, or perhaps some combination of the two? Some of the wisest people in the world are those who listen and rarely speak.

Once again, sorry I'm so talkative, it's just been a while since I had anyone with whom to discuss my hobby.


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The software bases your member clarification on how many posts you have, not how long you've been a member. I find the whole "Member/ Senior Member" moniker thing less than important, as I go by what a person says, not their title.


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I just figure that if your a senior you can classify yourself as a bonified "Knife Nut"...might as well join us, no use in fighting the urge, it's bigger than us all!!

I just figured I'd be like Corduroy and try my hand at posting so I can join the ranks of the elite!!

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Hey Spark, I notice that I didn't become a Senior member till after my wife made a post. She always says, that I can't do anything with out her help. Darn it!, she's right again.

Hey Courduroy, you keep on posting, I have already learned a bunch from you.


Just out of curiosity, what is the member status for then?
I agree with Spark, its the thought -- not the title -- that has meaning. A few weeks ago, a lot of us, myself included, were listed as "seniors," now we're forum "members" So What! (I may be willing to pay Forum dues but not AARP!

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