• Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all of you! Thanks for your continued support and I hope that your holiday season is a blessed one.

I am so thankful for this place and ALL of you guys...

Jan 5, 1999
Before anyone leaves for the thanksgiving holiday,I wanted to be the first this year to thank Mike and Spark and the manufacturers for what they have Given US and All of you for being a part of this community, whether or not I agree with you all the time... I Thank God for this place and All (even Lorrenna) of you. I also Thank God that we will continue to grow and get over the little spats that seem to be cropping up. And that innovation will come to the members and manufacturers. I also thank God for having people who are no longer with us be remembered for their contributions-may we not forget them... again God Bless us all and Thank YOU

Ok as for knife content? Knives cut turkey better than my sledgehammer...

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My wife is Canadian, so I get TWO thanksgiving dinners

So I guess that means I get two chances to be thankful for Mike, Spark, and everyone at Bladeforums!
I concur, without this place I would have more money.
Seriously, this place is great and I'm glad Mike and Spark created Bladeforums so we all have someplace to hang out at. Thanks guys.

For knife content so Para what's his name won't lock this thread: Without Mike and Spark I wouldn't have a Spyderco Military, I'm thankful for the knife.

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Ditto..........although I too would have much more money if this place didn't exist


"fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering"
What tallpaul said!

I've been using and collection knives for a long time but I've probably learned more here in the last few months than I did in the last several years.

Thanks everyone for the free education.

Happy Holidays!

I too would like to thank everyone! Thanks to you all I now have an LCC, a small Sebenza, and a BK&T Brute! At least I didn't have to go through wasting money on trial and error. (Now I have to start saving for an automatic of some kind)

Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless! Sincerely, Dave
I'm thankful for this thread

I'm thankful for this place

I'm thankful to have met so many wonderful people here in the past year

I'm thankful that Mike started this wacky money-grubbing thing and that Spark is willing to work for peanuts

I'm thankful for having enough money to be able to afford Some of the knives I like

I'm thankful that I can share my passion with other crazy people

I'm thankful I can still be thankful, and not bitter and angry

I'm thankful for those who have disagreed with me, because you gave me the opportunity to listen and to learn

And I have just begun to be thankful...

Paracelsus, grateful to be alive

[knife: gratuitous but necessary word]

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I would second all the above and wish everyone HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!

BladeForums has cost me a lot of time and money. I've bought knives I never even considered buying before. I've been caught up in flames with people I don't know over things that, upon reflection, seem inconsequential. Yet...this really is a great community! And I'm thankful I've been able to indulge in what was once, for me, a "closet hobby."

The learning curve is incredible here. I'm thankful for all the great information I can get here from makers, manufacturers, and fellow enthusiasts. Where else can you have such direct access to so many talented and experienced knife enthusiasts?

Knives are one of the few things made today that are still individualistic in nature. Even production models like the Becker line have an unmistakable stamp of individual design and what a great trend that is! All these great collaborations that are now going on can only be good for knife knuts and the knife community.

One thing I've learned is that knife people tend to be passionate about their addiction, and I think that is a great thing. And BF is contributing to that passion by spreading it worldwide on the Internet. And I'm thankful I can go along for the ride and watch it grow.

Thanks to all the forumites and especially to Mike and Spark who made the commitment and kept it.


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.
Just wanted to put in my $.02, and say that buying knives from some of the members here has made me realize that there are still people of honor at large in the world, and I am thankful for that.
AS we sharpen our knives to carve our turkey,lets all take a minute to reflect and be thankful for the friends we have made through these Forums. Guys, I really appreciate all the new friends I've made here. I hope everyones Thanksgiving is one to remember. Have a good one!

Thanks to Mike & Spark for giving us this great place to hang out, to learn and laugh and share our interests.

I'm thankful for all the friends I've made here for all the people that were dumb enough to trade me my money for their knives. For the chance to know people like James Mattis and Bob Irons before their passing. But most of all we got good news this week that GusK dodged a big bullet.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
DAMN!! I just now realized that it WAS Mike Turber who infected me with my STD (Steel - Talonite Disease)!! Curse you, Turber, for infecting me with the steel virus!!

Of course, all my friends, neighbors and children (happiness is teaching your seven year old son to use a liner lock) are sure happy with their knives! I must admit (as a sign of my sickness) that I am very happy with MY knives.

I trust that all of you have much to be thankful for, as do I.

For those of you who have suffered a loss, again, as have I, then I give you some words by John Lennon:
"Never be sad for what's over, just be glad it was once yours."

May God bless you all.

Yes I agree with all of that! I may be an argumentative sod at times, but I enjoy a good talk as much as the next dude!

Salutations and respect to all knife nuts. We gota stick together!


"To strive to seek to find and not to yield"
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