I am the dumbest SOB here!

Jul 2, 2000
I ordered a MOD Scorpion the other day. I got it in the mail and fell in love with it. I used it for everything I could think of. I just moved into my new apartment yesterday, and I was using the Scorpion to cut twine and I left it sitting on the side of my truck. When did I notice I left if sitting there you ask? Well, I was 10 mile down the road. Sucks huh. I don't know why I didn't remember. I must be an idiot. I went back and it was gone.
Not stupid, just busy.
I have found that when I am really in a hurry or have a lot on my mind I am more likely to loose something or mess something up.
I have a routine that when I have been using my knives in the wilderness I always double check for them before moving to another campsite.
When I'm in the city I always check for them after I know I have recently used them.

Sorry about your knife, yes it does suck.

Actually, you would have to stand in a LONG line to get to the front as the dumbest guy on here......we ALL do stupid things way more often than we would like to admit. Welcome to the human race!! :)
To ERR is human, and remember, there is only one thing to say at a time like this:
moritori te salutamus :D
Sorry to hear that ,It's got to be one of the worst feelings .I have lost 3 knives in the last 25 yrs ..can tell you each story like it was yesterday . In fact since your in the USAF .. when I was at Clark AB in the PI.. I was at Kadena at the time (36 month tour)
But one of the times i was at Clark (use to go down every 6 months for Cope Thunders) I worked on alert F-15 C's ,anyway I had a Custom Butterfly Knife made by one of the local Bladesmith's (Knife was incredible) this is 1979 ...Don't you no I lost that Knife 2 days after I came back to Okinawa ..so I no
I feel your pain my fellow knifeknut.:(

Most of us have all done this at one time or another, just not with a knife, thankfully.

On a side note- When I was stationed in the UK I left a newly purchased case of "Michelob" bottles on the roof of my car, drove off base , past the SP's (that's for you :p ) and another 5 miles all the way home. And guess what? It was still there in the same place I left it!!:D
That sure did explain the strange looks that I was receiving on the ride home.

Go figure!?!?! I got lucky with that one.

I hope that you go out tomorrow and find your knife lying on the bumper. You just never know.

--The Raptor--
Hey don't feel to bad Sh^^t happens. At least it wasn't a Halo
Been there and done it. I have lost knives in my house before! Right now I am missing a Spyderco Dragonfly. It is eating me alive that I cant find it.
That is a bummer...I 'know' a DA that left a .357 wheelgun on the tailgate of his truck...thought about it several miles down the road.....better ending than yours....found right where it landed...cheez...we all have our moments...
I feel your pain. :(

My Kershaw Boa is currently about 4 weeks MIA. I know it's around the house somewhere, but god knows I can't find it! :confused:
About 11 years ago I lost a Leatherman PST that was given to me. I loved that tool. Carried and used it daily. We were flat broke and I didn't even dare think of just going out and replacing it. I was in the service, we had 2 small children and were on WIC (Yeah, serving your country and on assistance). I went to hardware store to get a new screen and left the tool on the roof and it fell off. I had the biggest temper tantrum. I look for hours. I yelled, I screamed and I couldn't find it. I was really bummed out.

The next patrol I called my wife from some foreign port and asked how the kids were doing. My wife said one of the boys lost something and was besides himself. I remember asking her what he was doing and she said, "Having a temper tantrum like you did when you lost your Leatherman, only not as bad">

I laughed and laughed when I heard that and to this day when I remember my wife's sweet voice saying that, I still laugh.

Sorry that you lost your knife. We have all been there. You're not stupid, just human.
Oh man really sorry to hear that, losing a knife is never easy, and its worse when its still got that new feeling.
Hey buddy no cutting the line. :)

At least you were driving. A few years ago I had just gotten off an airplane when I walked into an airport elevator with three packages and walked off with two. I had left a nice ice axe gift wrapped in the elevator. Oh well that's what happens when you pass up sleep for more than 24 hours. I still wonder what ever happened to that thing, it's South Florida so some kid is probably still trying to figure out what it is.