I can't remember thisa guys name

Jan 24, 2003
I was priviledged to meet a smith some years ago at Batsons place near my home. He was doing some seminar stuff with cable the day I met him. Very nice work.

What made me think of this guy was something off of harleys site about pig hunting. This guy did it with a knife....no gun, just a knife. He said he raised a cross between a Russina razorback and a domestic pig and turned it loose about 6 or so months before he planned to hunt it. He said...and I quote "You got to have a really good dawg to huunt a pig with a knife. If the dog is stupid you might get killed." I remember he had a long beard, spoke with a heavy southern accent, and had spent some time in Alaska. I recall his makers mark as being something resembling an owl or a dove...some kind of bird...very small.

I do not remember his name, but woudl like to try to locate him again. His work was great, and his patience with a noobie was well worth the time. He helped get me started, and I am still grateful to this day. i would like to find him just to say thanks.

I also met the late (I think he has passed on anyway) Hugh Bartrug, The Gentleman Smith. He had a triple edged blade that rivaled some of the fantasy stuff you see in the mags, and the work was fabulous. He was super. I would have liked to have trained under him.

I am still trying to find a way to reach Jim Batson as well. I am planning on starting an ABS apprenticeship under someone, and he is close. Woudl be nice to have his sig on my papers....

That was around the 1992 93 timeframe. I think that was one of the last years that Batson held seminars at his home.

I bet you would. I heard form some of the other guys that knew him there that he tosses stuff that others would finish...

very sharp individual. How can he be reached?

Best I can tell you is to contact either the folk school or maybe send word through Sandy Morrissey. I dont think Chuck has a phone. I'm kinda surprised that he has elec. He lives near Young-Harris ga.