I confess, I finally ordered a Sebenza.......

Mar 14, 1999
Yes, after months of saying I thought the price was to high, (I never doubted the quality) I finally found one that I thought was worth my while. I ordered the N.I.C.A. Tanto Large Sebenza. A limited edition, decorated large Sebenza for $360 was more to my liking. Now I can't wait for it to arrive.
When it does, I hope to try it side by side with my Commander and Carnivore (maybe the Pinnacle too). That is, if I'm brave enough to get it dirty. It is a beautiful knife and will go great with my P-7.
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Ooooo........ that is sweet. I love the Tanto blade. The handle looks nice too.

Good luck with it.

Clay G.

Only $360 for a Large, Decorated, Limited Edition Sebenza?!?!?!?
I shoulda waited!
I bought two (plain, not "tanto") as gifts about 3 years ago, and they were $425 a piece.
You're going to love it.... I've carried mine for years and aside from some minor scratches, it's still like new.
Use it in good health.
Whoa, "goes great with my P7"

You mean like P7M8 of H&K Fame?

Some people have TOO many toys.

Congrats on the knife.

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Take my advice...the best thing to do with a new Sebenza is get rid of that oh so new feeling by scratching your initials in the titanium with a thumbtack and throw the knife into the ground a few times, shave some metal with the blade and you will feel great. I know it's painful but it beats waiting for that initial scratch.

Seriously, you got yourself a great user knife so use it. I love my 'Benza and the scratches don't bother me a bit.

Have fun and let us know what you think.


Enjoy! I understand that the decorations are non-anodized, like the standard Umfaan. Do like Greg said and add some of your own

I just emaied them to see if there is a left handed one.