I crossed the Rubicon today. (DMC content)

I use a scythe and a billhook machete to do my grass.

It's quieter, and has cut down significantly on strangers showing up at my house.
I'm too lazy to work that hard. my small place I use electric mower and weed eater. my bigger place I use gas zero turn and gas weed eater. all winter not much grows so don't have to do much outdoor maintenance. come spring and summer I'm busy and want to do as fast as possible. been super dry and not growing much so that's been nice......plus got the zero turn being serviced so without it for a bit.
Here's an early iteration of a Barax (may of had a different name in 2020)?


Spyderco Native, for scale:
Blast from the past! That one's a seax without the barong element (bird's beak), and I don't think it had a model name, per se.