I gave a knife to a girl, and she liked it.

Oct 31, 2007
No, no Katy Perry here, extolling the bliss of kissing a girl. No, instead i took a city girl out into the woods for some WSS training (see thread in WSS) and i gave her a knife, and she liked it.

Most people would recoil in horror at such an act. One would be labeled, possibly reported to the Police, but no, i gave a knife to a girl and she liked it!

A LOT! :eek: :cool: I gave a KABAR M.U.L.E. folder for use on our day trip and for whenever she needs a knife. Explained how to open & close and use safely, ethics, safe carry etc etc .

Yes Miss Perry, I gave a knife to a girl and she liked it

anyone else gifted a knife to a non knife person and they realy liked it?

Apr 14, 2008
I gave one to my girlfriend about 2 weeks ago when she moved to Cincinnatti, and she loved it. Actually i gave her 2.....a Spyderco Ladybug (plain black) and a Kershaw Leek (smoked red). She always asked me why i carried a knife and now she knows why. She said that she had never known such joy.....(well maybe not) :)
Mar 14, 2007
My GF likes my knives, she managed a cut on her finger, which brought me to a surprising point, not to steal this thread, but in all my years owning and fooling around with knives, when I used to do stupid things, and still let some stupid things slip, I have never once cut myself where I bled for more than 10 seconds.

Anyways, I doubt anytime soon I can give her a knife due to her mother and her recent cutting herself and never letting up on you should have watched me, she does enjoy them.
Aug 2, 2004
I dropped into a knife shop with my GF and she walked out with a Spyderco CF Harpy, on my $$$ :( :grumpy:

Il not be doing that again :rolleyes:

Robert H

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Mar 24, 2001
I gave one to my wife, now she carries a gun as well. :thumbup:
Mar 3, 2008
I gave a CRKT Convergence half serrated to a friend and he loves it uses it all the time at work.
Oct 18, 2001
I gave my wife an Ontario fighting knife which lives by her car seat, and by the side of the bed whe I am away. I had to buy her a knife to get my Busse Steel Heart II back, which she had appropriated.