I Gave Away My Stryker

Oct 2, 1998
My work partner and friend the other day showed me a folding knife he picked up from a vendor at work. It was some kind of $8 knock off of an S&W SWAT. I just smiled and told him to be careful, that the lock didn't look too secure.

Yesterday we were at my house and I was showing him my collection; I took a BM Stryker out of the drawer and told him to put it in his pocket. This guy doesn't have a lot of money, because he has a sick wife and two kids. I just couldn't have a bud of mine carrying around a POS like that.

I've kind of out grown my BM's, I'll keep my Bali Songs and CQC7 but I'm going to give my Sentinel to my nephew when he comes here in a few weeks.

I wish I had enough $$$ to give knives to all the folks who needed and deserved them.

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I'm currently on a budget-limited mission to buy customs for everyone on my Christmas list. Fortunately for them, the guys at the end of the list are getting nicer and nicer knives...

That's the way to spread the word about good knives. I applaud your generosity.

I have done something similar by purchasing a decent small knife for my daughter to give her boyfriend. He was carrying a POS knife that I considered dangerous because of its poor construction.

If more knife folks shared this way with people they cared about, it would make a difference. I'll bet a number of others here have done something similar.

There's a song that goes "a little less talk and a lot more action...". Actions do speak louder...

Hey Brian, how does one get on your Christmas list?

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Well now I don't feel like the lone ranger. I gave one to a friend for exactly the same reason. My wife thinks I'm stupid, but what the hey. If you don't stand for something, then you stand for nothing.


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I gave two of my friends Delica's last month. Told them to get rid of the look alike POS they were using. Both now are looking to buy a good knive....
Friends don't let friends drive drunk!

Friends don't let friend use junk!

Three CHEERS for Lucky Dog, Brian_Turner, Bob Irons, Mitchell, and CUTIGER 3! We need to educate people about POS knives.

I have given a way a couple of folders in the past for the same reason
I gave my pop-in-law a BM Leopard Cub for Christmas. He already had a pre-'98 Spyderco Delica, but I felt he needed something a little "dressier". He hasn't been without it since. I'm still deciding which knife he'll receive this year...


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Well Senator, there is always that Carbon Fiber William Henry Lancet of yours....you need a Spearpoint version anyway


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I think all good knife nuts should take the time to donate a good blade to a buddy of theirs when and if the occasion should arise. I just gave my best bud a R.E.K.A.T. Pioneer because he's soooo hard on knives and that's the only thing tuff enuff to get him by. -AR

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I recently realized that the two blades on my Wave had made my Pro-Grip redundant for the light tasks I usually do, so I gave it to a knifeless friend who was moving away. Folks I know usually have to tell me specifically if the don't want a knife for their birthday or Christmas. My goal is to see a clip in every pocket!


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Having just completed my first year as Commander of my local American Legion S.A.L., unit, I invited by buddy and his wife to the Installation dinner for next year because I'm going to do another term. My buddy's wife notice a bag I was carrying and asked what was in it. I said gifts for my officers. She asked what they were. My girlfriend and my buddy answered simultaneously "knives, what else?". They were correct of course!


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I got a big raise last year, so I spread the joy with some friends. Gave them some small BM Pardue's, and some nice hand-forged tomahawks. They finally agreed to throw away their Taiwanese knife look-alikes. I wish I still had that job...

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I put a hand full of Spyderco's out on the table a couple of weeks ago and told my daughter and wife to each pick one. My daughter picked the Carbon Fiber Dragonfly and my wife picked the Carbon Fiber Ladybug (cause it was soooooo cute). Figures, the two nicest ones on the table. My daughter will get a nicer folder when she graduates, and my wife maybe for Christmas. If she's real good!
I was brought into this hobby by my brother's generosity. I am well rewarded for any time spent thinking, talking or learning about knives and he did me a great favor. Just think of all the people who have no real interests in life, there are suprisingly many. I am glad to be a knife-nut. I want to give an auto hubertus to a friend, but I haven't been working much...
Speaking of outgrowing BMs, I finally got one in their 710, I would love one in green G-10!
Congradulations to all who have given away knives to people who had *lesser* knives, I have only given knives to people that had NO knive(fathom that!)
. Hopefully someday there will be no more POS knives floating around!

P.S. I take pride in the fact that I have helped popularize the word "POS".

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Well, I don't have lots of knives but I do have lots of knife catalogs and magazines! As I have some extra copies I decided to send a forumite a few for free. He wasn't expecting it and he sure was very happy with my gift. I'm just returning the blessings I have received from this forum and from KFC.

It really feels good not only to receive, but also to give.
Yes, Titan..
And guess who's on the receiving end?
Thanks for the catalogs and magazines, my friend!

I'm hunting down a custom balisong here which I'll be sending to another forumite as a "cultural gift", sort of. I guess the spirit of Christmas is already in the air as early as July??

Dan -- you're always welcome; although I was referring to another receipient-forumite!