I gave Doc WORMS! (e-mail virus)

Rob Simonich

Big Bear
Oct 3, 1998
Hey there everyone, there is an e-mail virus, actually called a worm that you need to be on the lookout for. Its called HAPPY99.EXE. Do not open this file, delete it immediatley! Anyone who has been corresponding with me may have got the worm. Its harmless as far as anyone knows, it just attaches itself to outgoing e-mail. When you open it it is just a little fireworks display thingy. So please check things out if you have been e-mailin me. And for those of you waiting for e-mail from me, I am making damn sure I am rid of this thing before I answer you. I appologise for any inconvenianc this has caused anyone.And that folks, is how I gave Doc Welsh WORMS!

Christine; are you sure you want to marry a man with worms? A cowboy at that? Reconsider.

It will take a lot more than a pestilant, worm and who-knows-what else ridden cowboy to affect (or infect) me. My very smart, up to date antiviral proggy detected Rob's crude attempt at unsafe cyber e-mailing. It notified me of the virus, and identified it.

So, I e-mailed Rob, saying that I trusted him, and was going to open the e-mail, but if it damaged my computer I was going to hunt him down and kill him.

I then put the e-mail in very cold storage, and waited until the next day; as expected, there was an e-mail from Rob, hurridly explaining that I should delete the allegedly 'almost harmless' worm.

Not a chance getting past my defenses; I am prepared for DC!! (well, maybe she could get past; if she asked. nicely.).

Nice try, cowboy; (NOT). And to think that we trust you with sharp objects!!
In case anybody is interested, here's how to clean it:

Procedure to cleanup in case you received HAPPY99.EXE and executed it :
* Shutdown windows and re-start the computer in DOS mode
* at C:\WINDOWS\ prompt, change directory to c:\windows\system by typing
"CD C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM" or just "CD SYSTEM" and hit enter key
* type DEL SKA.* and hit enter key (this will delete SKA.EXE and SKA.DLL)
* type COPY WSOCK32.SKA WSOCK32.DLL and hit enter key
* type EXIT and hit enter to go back to windows.
* Delete Happy99.exe which got downloaded with the internet email..

This should cleanup the PC and arrest this problem.

Thanks Andy (and Rob), I haven't had this problem, but I've been hearing about it from other people as well. I know I'm on the look-out!
I got the worm too! My Dad didn't even know he sent it to me. Hmmm. Fireworks. Oh well. Live and learn.

Walter with worms....now that is an interesting visual hehehehe
Someday, DC, someday......you will find that payback.....can be quite enjoyable for both parties
heh heh heh Your intended, Whacko
Well folks, I think Doc was trying to inject his computer with penicillin. I told him that wouldnt work for worms or viruses! I told him the best way to cure worms was to give it a big slug of chewing tobacco in the hard drive, that would cure his worms, so if you dont hear from him you will know he did it!
There's a Montana solution if I ever heard one (I lived in Great Falls for 4 years)! Hate your computer do you? Don't you know that stuff will give your computer cancer and melt it down into a pile of smoldering plastic? Oh well, its a good excuse to get a new 'puter! Maybe I can try that one with mine...

I'm not gonna mention any names here, but SOMEBODY almost gave me worms too! Poor guy just can't help himself!
Fortunately, I had read that certain somebody's topic here and knew to delete it instead of opening it (Since I knew it came from a trusted source.)
I'm not throwing any rocks here, just wanted to remind everybody to be on the lookout.
There's a certain knifemaker who's got cooties!

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

Yea, I was a "jetter" at Malmstrom from '89 to '92! I can't remember the name of the author that wrote a book entitled, "The Last Best Place, A Montata Anthology." But, I'd have to agree; Montana is one of the last BEST places on earth. I'm getting my old ass (well, I'm 29 and I feel ancient when I'm on campus) through college now so that I may get a decent job out there when I'm done. I'm tired of this toxic waste dump and civil rights infringing state as some of us now refer to as, "The Peoples Republic of Illinois"! If all goes well, I'll be Montana bound in a couple of years! In the meantime, I would like a faster computer. So, maybe I'll run to the store and get a can of Skoal?!!