I got a new knife

Aug 26, 2002
Hey gang,
I gotta tell somebody who understands,
I got a Western sharpfinger made in Boulder Colorado, with leather handles, brass guard and aluminum endcap. IN GREAT SHAPE,
in fact the knife could be a user for hunting right now. No rust , pits , dents or dings. Its got some grey patina but other wise its in great shape.
And it has the original sheath to boot. Sheath is also in good shape. No tears or wear to speak of on it.
I'll get a pic of the knife as soon as I can.
I got the knife for 35 bucks. I figure its as least 40 years old as I remember they quite making knives in Boulder in the 60's and move to Loveland or longmont CO. I get the towns confused.Then of course Camilus bought them out and now its all history.
Anyway I just wanted to tell someone about my good news. My non knife friends don't get it.
take care

Blue Sky

Gold Member
Jun 16, 2002
Looking forward to seeing a pic of that one, I can't say I've ever seen a leather-handled Sharpfinger before. $35 doesn't sound bad either.:cool: