I got a Talon!!!

Feb 5, 2004
:D :D :D

I just happened to give Bladeart a call in the perfect moment. I just purchased their LAST Eagle Talon, with the camo handles. I wanted the black handles, and they have one in stock, but the guy who originally purchased the camo handled hawk decided he wanted black, so he took the black, and by a fluke I got the last hawk they had!!! It was their first shipment in 2 years! Wow, I'm so happy!!! I can't wait!. Sorry, too happy not to tell anyone, Good luck to those on the waiting list, it'll be worth the wait!

thats funny :( i got my name put on tad gear's waiting list for one with black handles. they are expecting another shipment at the end of the month but i am not holding my breath. after i got my name put on the b.o. list i read a post on here about bladeart having a couple in stock and i thought about canceling my order with tadgear and get one now but after all the trouble they went through i didn't think that was fair.

anyway congratulations on getting one and let us know what you think. i heard they are more of a battle axe than a tomahawk :eek:
Very cool, I saw that bladeart had them and wish very much I had the money but alass. Glad you got one and really interested in hearing what you think of it.

I had contacted both TAD Gear and Bladeart about a year ago and asked to be informed when Talons came in and told I would be...I heard from neither. Too bad. Honestly, I didn't really expect a company to contact me a year later so no harm, no foul. Tad gear had some, but I wasn't going to pay 400 bucks for something that was priced at 250 a year ago. Yeah, I know, "supply and demand". I'd rather get a ATC hawk now, after reading everything about their excellent customer service (which it seems by posts here is severely lacking with RMJ). Just my opinion.
what i really want is a next gen. ranger from atc but who knows when these will be avaible again :(