I got one, it's PERFECT, what is it?


Mar 8, 1999
Went to the local Ace Hardware, and in a coffee can on the counter were a bunch of files on sale. For $7, I got a ten inch triangular file with all sides smooth except for some very fine lengthways streaks, almost like fine brush strokes. I'm in process of stoning one flat out nice and shiny. Each flat is 7/16 wide, and triangular edges not quite sharpened. With it's 7 3/4" edges, it scares me a lot more than an sks bayonet. Two inch rat-tail tang.

Anyway I'm pleased. It's perfect and a thing of beauty. Now can anyone figure out what it is and tell me?

Rusty, you have a blem. Actually, considering it as a burnisher, you have a find.


Micah 6:8. Well worth the attempt!
Mount a handle on that and you'll have yourself a stiletto. Wear it on your belt or up your sleeve. Use it for both knife and fork at dinner, to assassinate your enemies, to defend yourself when a gang of condottieri burst into the dining room and attack you with rapiers ... it's a tool of many uses.

-Cougar :{)
Use of Weapons
Makes sense since there was no brand name on it, just a # ( 3234 ).

How hard are files hardened to? Thin case hardened or all the way?

In any case, take a look next time you're at the local Ace place.

And thanks Cougar. I'll have the local judge make me a sheath for a sleeve dagger when he makes me the leather shaving kit with the false bottom for my pair of 1955 Browning 380's. ( Hey, I forgive the jerks at Sado-Masoch Regional Medical Center. That don't mean I gotta give 'em another free shot at me. )

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Bro I agree with Stephen.

I have no idea as to what it is.
I also don't know how hard good files ae either but I do know that some of the better ones can break when dropped on a hard surface like a concrete floor.

An auntie used to work in a hardware store and they had a big sale one time with a nice discount on files.
the auntie had a good time when she found out that some files are called "bastard."
A gentleman came in looking for the files and auntie asked if he wanted a flat "bastard."
He replied, "No, I want one of them little round sonsabeetches."

Maybe you have found something in between?


Indin word for lousy hunter.
Rusty gets into eastern medicine as an accupunctureist? (spelling) Woah, now I have seen everything.
I think in that setting, Rus is more interested in "accurate punctures" than in accupuncture. Heheheh.
Besides, some of those nurse psychos are BIG.
Now here's a chilling thought. I haven't shaved in 10 years. What if someone asks me what the shaving kit is for? Wouldn't feel right saying it was a vow to God if I came thru it alive.
O.K. - off topic again, but how do you put a habaki bolster on a triangular blade. And will it have a scrolled buttcap?
Sorry Walosi, haven't got to that part yet. Sill trying to locate the place I thought I had bookmarked that sells walrus, hippo ivory, and oosic. There's a precious metal going back to the Egyptian Pharohs called Electrum - supposed to be gold and silver mixed. Will start thinking on the bolster next and thanks for the reminder.

Texas knifemakers supply is one place.

But check out the giraffe leg bone. Red and orange colors! They advertise above so just click on them when the ad comes up.

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Files are usually O1 or similar and full hard -- Rc65, all the way through. I suggest tempering in an oven at 425 degrees Fahrenheit -- use an oven thermometer and don't use a toaster oven. Degrease thoroughly with solvent before tempering.

I'd better explain all that.... Most toaster ovens don't heat evenly. Full-size ovens do, but their thermostats are not usually accurate -- the oven is always hotter than the thermostat says and the older the oven the hotter it gets. If you don't degrease it first any oil or grease on it will smoke and smell up the kitchen and your wife will commit mayhem upon your body.

Electrum occurs naturally ... usually with copper as well as gold and silver, and when the ancients made up the alloy themselves they usually put copper in it, too. The alloy of the three metals was supposed to have magical properties....

Anybody who's interested but hasn't encountered a lucky blem like Rusty will have to grind the teeth off a triangular file ... temper it first; it'll make the grinding easier. If you have a means to heat it to red heat, anneal it first. Then you'll find it much easier to grind and you can harden and temper after grinding.

Or maybe we can raise enough interest to get the kamis to make a run of stilettos? I think you might find stilettos for sale somewhere or other on the web, but I bet the kamis could make a good one ... they might have a worn-out file or two on hand....

-Cougar :{)
Use of Weapons