I Grabbed My 'Zaan Tonight!


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Apr 8, 2014
November 17, 2013 my town got hit really hard by a tornado. I've lived with the threat of tornadoes all of my life but that incident gave me a new respect for them, i.e. actually heading for the basement when a tornado warning is issued. Well we had a tornado warning tonight and the first thing I did was grab the Umnumzaan (and flashlight) before heading for the basement to join my family.

I very rarely carry the Zaan as in almost never. The only other times I remember was taking it on a weekend car trip in case of an emergency situation and sitting on the couch learning to open it left handed. This weekend I carried the Inkosi when I moved my daughter and son-in-law because it was small but stout. I carry a Mnandi in the office, a small Seb (Classic, 21, or Regular :)) at home and a large Seb (21 or Regular) for projects - but not the Zaan.
Wow, that has to be a freaky situation; I have never experienced a tornado but I have been in hurricanes and it is a scary time; I'm glad you and your family are ok; as LW said, good thing you didn't need it, and smart you grabbed it! I love my Zaans!
Better to have it and not need it. :thumbup:

Love the 'Zaan

There could be several reasons why you grabbed that particular CRK, but you knew some of things you'd need in an emergency situation and that's what counts. Glad to hear you didn't need use it and it turned out good for you and the family.
Brian, glad that you and your family are okay and that tornado did not hit... I think in an Emergency situation, I probably would have grabbed the umnumzaan as well.
Thanks everyone. I figure the Zaan is the heaviest duty folder CRK makes, or at least that I own. Plus it has the glass breaker if needed.