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I have a dilemma - Please Help!

Apr 29, 2000
OK, here’s my dilemma: I will be given just a tad over $100 for a Christmas gift. (OK, so it doesn’t sound like a dilemma yet; read on.) There are a few production folders I’ve had my eye on for quite some time now: Spydie Calypso Jr. Ltwt., Spydie Dragonfly, CRKT KFF & Point Guard, Buck 501. But I have also had a specific hunger for a “lower end” custom: Newt Livesay’s Air Assault.

Now if I can go without eating for a few days (two weeks max), I could add enough cash to get either the Air Assault OR two or three of the others. My dilemma is: which purchase – in your opinion – would give the most “total knifeknut satisfaction”? This purchase may very well be the last one for a loooonnnnggg time (maybe up to 8 months). So I want the “most” satisfaction from it, so in the future (during the 8 months) when I read from y’all how great this, that and a hundred other knives are, I can gaze at my purchase and know I made the right one.

Present Collection: All production pieces; 6 in all, not counting 2 POGs.

Usage: Now, before I discovered this forum (and made the exciting discovery that there were other knifeknuts like myself in this world), I was a “fixed-blade fanatic”. I owned a couple of old ‘jackknives’, but never used them except maybe once or twice a year to dig the gunk out of whatever was ‘gunked up’. Using a folder for a cutting task – to me – was akin to the satisfaction of gun enthusiasts shooting a pea shooter. Like, why waste the time, ya know?

But then I found this forum and y’all, and discovered folders that weren’t just ‘barely holding together’. I still prefer fixed over folder, but I use folders more. I use my Military every day – many times a day, while my 7” bladed bowie rarely sees the use it was intended for.

So – I basically like fixed over folder, but use folders much more due mainly to sheeple (some of whom live in my immediate family).

Finally, I apologize for the length of this post.
I’m not normally so wordy, but I felt it necessary to describe to you the specifics of my dilemma.

So (again), 3 production folders, or one custom fixed blade? What say ye all? And thanks for the input and the ‘brotherhood’ of like-minded individuals who have helped me to prove that I’m not as strange as my family would like to believe!

[Oops! And just one more thing: if any of you really feels for my dilemma and would like to put me out of my misery and give me another $100 so I can get the whole shebang,
I would be glad to forego food longer in order to add even more, (though two weeks is already pushing it).]

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I would buy the 3 folders. I'll use them more than the fixed blade.

Been there. Done that. Got the tee shirt years ago. (as they say)

All the production folders you mentioned are good knives, but go for the Livesay Air Assault as long as you have a good folder to use already.

I have to admit I am somwhat prejudice towards customs, but I do have a few factory folders and fixed blades that see use often.
Ahh... good dilemma to be in! You have 6 production folders to use. Will another one add that much satisfaction to you? I have 2 production folders and althought there are a zillion more that I like, I would only buy probably 3 of them. One serrated, one tanto point (as I have none of those) and one Benchmade 940. That would complement my AFCK and Sentinel nicely!

As far as fixed blades, I have few. If I were to have more knives in my collection, I would want to add fixed blades. So, the Livesay blade would be the one I'd buy. Will you use your 3 folders a bit and then cycle your 9 folders, or will your military be used all of the time while your other 8 blades sit in a drawer?

By the way, an Allen Blade MEUK fits your price requirement, and it is a handmade blade! I don't know what the waiting list is on them though, nor do I know the wait list on the Air Assaults! You have a hard decision for sure!

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I would go for the Air Assault too. As was mentioned in the previous post, yuou already have a nice folder. Also, if you delay purchasing the Air Assault, you may find it has been discontinued by the time you're ready to but it. This sometimes happens with smaller makers like Wicked and REKAT.
Thanks for the replies so far.

To Crayola and others - my six production blades are 4 fixed (blades measured about 7", 5", 3", & 2") and two folders: Spydie Military and Wegner.

Keep the replies coming. Thanks.

Champions make improvements as fast as losers make excuses.
My Air Assault is a great knife- go for it! Also you might consider Newt's US Marshal. Just got mine this week. Same great handle fit as the AA, just a little shorter and flat ground. $100 even and you might still be able to get a 10% discount.
Shoot him an e-mail. DaveAZ
Unless you have the need for a smaller folder I'd go with the Air Assault. IMO the Military and Wegner will pretty much cover everything you will ever need a folder to do.

Get whatever you'll use/carry more. I've got some great knives that I don't carry, and I don't appreciate them much because they just sit at home. I find I appreciate the most the knives that I use more often. For me that's manual folders since I don't carry fixed blades or autos.

That or get a knife that's nothing like any that you own. Civilian and Sifu come to mind as knives unlike anything I own, and I would appreciate them on that account alone. Were I to get another knife that resembles those I have, it would blend in eventually, and wouldn't make that much of a difference.

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hate to be redundant, but i'm gonna be anyway
. I too would go with the fixed blade. you have good folders now, and i personnally love a good fixed blade!

russ aka bladeZealot.

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Get whatever is going to satisfy YOU. Personally, I'd go with the folders. Especially more Spydercos.



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I had the same delema, but the two knives I was divided between were a sifu and trailmaster. I eventually chose the sifu because I can carry it everyday.
When you start talking about not eating for a couple of days to finance a knife, you really want that knife. Get the AA, it's what you really want and you'll be kicking yourself later if you don't get it.
The Air Assault would nicely compliment your two Spydies. While the folders you mention are fine knives, they will still play second fiddle to the Military and Wegner and probably be sentenced to a life of collecting dust.
Military and Wegner.Sounds like you have the folder section covered pretty well.Go for the A.A. it is really a nice knife.

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Thanks for the replies! I appreciate the sound advice and multiplied years of wisdom.

DaveAZ – The U.S. Marshall is 4th on my list of ‘WantaNewt’s’, after AA, Bow Huntin’ Buddy, and RTAK. #5 is the Sniper, if I ever get that far!

Something Willie Boy mentioned about my possibly not being able to get the AA in the future if I wait. For a long time I had appreciated the wit and especially the wisdom of James Matthis on the forums. I wanted to ‘thank’ him by getting some blades through Chai Cutlery (Spydies). Then, abruptly, that opportunity was snatched from me forever. How I wish now I had given him some business (as little as it would have seemed to him).

Heaven forbid we should someday loose Sal, (we all have our time), Spyderco will probably continue on without him. Maybe not with the same ‘personality’, but it will probably keep on keepin’ on. Livesay Knives, on the other hand, will ‘probably’ not, once Newt 'retires' (I could be wrong). So that is a pertinent point to consider as well.

Any other opinions?

Champions make improvements as fast as losers make excuses.