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Jul 19, 2001
I have just bought a new Balisong and it is made by "Bear MGC USA" Is this manufacture a quality Balisong providor? Thanks everyone for your help
Hmmm, they are good for beginners since there is no real hard manipulation involved but when you get better (and after a while) the handles on any Bear MGC balisong will break because the handles are made out of zamak. Zamak is fairly soft and after a couple months of manipulation (that's how long it took the Bear that I started with) one of the handles will break near the hinge pin (the hinge pins are the pins that hold the handle to the blade). Benchmade (BM), Pacific Cutlery (PC), and Bali-Song Cutlery balisongs are the best production balisongs, though they are all the same company: Bali-Song Cutlery turned into PC which ended up as Benchmade. They have THE best balisongs and their old customs (they no longer make custom balisongs) are still fantastic to manipulate.
Yeah I will have to go with balisongman on the bear facts. My bro has one but it sems like the handles aren't very strong. On the other hand the bm balis are WOW !!!!! I just got my first bm today at 2:14pm and its light as a feather. Actually its 4.1 oz but you get the drift. It is razor sharp and it flips the best. You dont need to worry about the handles breaking on you becasuse they are made out of titanium. The pins I dont know what they are made of but I know they last from what I heard. . From what I heard the latch alwaz locks no matter how many times you lock and unlock.:D I think thats what I heard atleast.:confused: The price for one of these wonder balis will cost you a pretty penny!:p . Mine cost me $112 + shiping. All in all I think you should just save up for a bm42,bm43,bm47 or what ever your taste is. If you do this you will save your self the time from swtiching from a heavier bali to a lighter bali. I personally used a jag for about 2 yrs till today and I am so use to it. It weighs about 6.8oz and my NEW WONDERFUL BM42A weights a mear 4.1oz.:D You can see that I will have to go through a lot to get use to the weight change.:mad: Oh well. All i care is that I have my bm42A finally.:D I hope I heled you there sorry for getting over excited!!!:D Youll feel the same once you get your bm bali.:D

Brian-ps the tang pin last right? for the bm42 and you dont have to go through clays fixing the tang pin advice.:confused: