I have a second CJRB now - Pyrite

Mar 19, 2023
I got the ekko a few months ago and it has quickly become my favourite edc beating out sebenzas both large and small and both versions of the Bugout. My mate had a pyrite and I did think it could be a Bugout replacement. Well today i ducked into my dealer to drop off my Adamas with a broken omega spring and saw a beautiful grey (it’s really blue) G10 pyrite and I had to buy it.

For me as an EDC the pyrite is better than the ekko but for food prep in particular the ekko wins. As I’m not food prepping at a campsite all the time the pyrite for a mostly city dweller makes the most sense for me. Insane value these things

I've got a couple of the large size pyrites. stainless scale and black scale ones. good knives. wish they'd make a few more options in the large size, as they have in the standard size ones.
I think what would be good to is making the liners a nested type and leave more metal around the locking parts. Would reduce weight some too. Or at the very least make them not protrude as much.
Add a slight texture to the button lock, nothing aggressive. Maybe like a spiral pattern.
And while at it, recess that dang pocket clip and make it flush with scales.