i have seen the light, and it is good. and it looks like a randall

Jul 14, 2000
im going to get one,once i scrath up enough pennes im going to buy it.not sure which one yet,but ag has one that has caught my eye more than a few times....dont stop me.

which model y'all recommend?
What model?It depends what you want it for.I tend to like more fighter,survivalist looking knives.I've owned Randall models 14,15,16 and currently have a model 1 with stainless steel blade,nickel silver guard and buttcap,maroon micarta handle.I love Randalls and you would be happy with any of their models.
I think it is a MUST to start out with a #1!! Even if it's a small one, that is where the collection should start

I'm not real fond of the standard round handle. The border patrol handle is MUCH more user friendly.
Florida is the land of Randalls. I find them in gun stores, pawn shops and at gun shows. I like to try to pick up the odd, old or rare models when I have the funds.

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the knife i have been looking at is the number 1. ag has it with a stag handle (not a must for me,but that would be nice

this looks like a great knife.
i gotta go brak open the penny bank.

How about the regular style Model 8? It's almost like a little Model 1. I have a certain one that's a fave.
A Model 8 with a Model 24 handle made of walnut. Abbreviated brass guard consistant with the 24's. Pouch sheath. Pretty nice little Randall.


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Collected them for years.Great knives.Not at all flimsey.


have a"knife"day