I hope you guys were right!

Dec 17, 2005
Well, I got the tax return yesterday and I just spent the last hour searching out the best prices on my new equipment.

Heres the list.

1. Tramontina bolo Machete..... cause Cliff said so.

2. Spyderco sharpmaker, seems like a vast majority of people on this forum love this thing.

3. DMT course/fine pocket hone (the one like a butterfly knife), needed a course stone for reprofiling, seemed like a good thing to throw into a BOB.

4. Keen Newport sandals, I wanted the covered toe for light hiking. My Tevas are great, but suck on rocks, gravel and sand. I think the covered toe will help alot and if you've ever gotten a thorn branch stuck between your toes and your sandal, you would want the Keens too.

Thats all for now. I just wanted to say thanks for all the advice. Everything I ordered was because of people on this very widerness forum reccomending it. In all likelyhood, if it wasn't for you guys, I would have ordered a cheap walmart machete, a 3.00$ POS pull through sharpener and crap sandals from Dicks Sporting goods.

Now I neet to break it to the wife.......if you dont hear from me for a while, its cause I'm living in my truck.
Jan 7, 2003
The Tramontina Bolo is a personal favorite, it won't let you down. Mac