I just got home, and...

Feb 10, 2001
I saw a long box sitting on my parents' kitchen table. Hoping, praying that it was for me, I looked. It's addressed to me, that's good, it's from Himalayan Imports, YES!!!! I haven't even gotten through all the tape yet. So I'll give a followup in just a few moments! YEAHHHH!!!!
It's my brand new Malla!!! I must say, it's the most beautiful knife or sword I own!
The scabbard has some beautiful work on it. The handle(s) are of some kind of wood? Anyone know what is used? The brass buttcap adds some nice touches to it. The karda and chakma are both technically perfect.
The khukuri feels a little odd in the hand at first, but the blade is perfectly proportioned and just beautiful. It is exactly what I want. The only caveat I can see is that I can't really imagine using this baby as a machete replacement, I don't ever want to scuff it up.
One question, there's a symbol that looks like a cross, or a lower case t, does anyone know whose symbol this is? This person does great work. Thanks again Uncle Bill, you read my mind on what I wanted!
It's great, it has enough presence that it could make a great chopper, but it's also extremely fast and easy to control. Ugghhhh, I'm in love.
Congrats Bob!!!!
There is nothing quite like getting your 1st H.I.Khukuri!!!!

The cross is Sanu's mark.
Sanu is just about as good or perhaps even as good as Bura the Royal Kami.
I have several by Sanu and they are all mighty fine blades.

And don't be afraid to scuff it up. Each new mark on the blade just adds character and gives you, the owner, great satisfaction in knowing just what a khukuri can really do.

Now when you can take it out for a test and come back and let us know how it works.



Indin word for lousy hunter.
Howdy, bw.

On the HI website you can click on the "New for 2000" link; there you'll find a medallion that has the kamis' marks engraved in a circle and a caption that gives a key. Judging by it, I think the cross is Sanu's signature.