I just had an "old timers" moment.

Dec 20, 2000
It has been a while, but a few purchases of YWWs and UBBDs has me frothing with a new case of HIKV.

So, can someone give me a link to a list of the kamis marks and signatures? Bura and Kumar are easy, but I have few new people showing up in my collection..

Thanks for your help. :cool:


( let's be very very quiet and see if the Duck shows up )
DURBA!! WHERE!! RUS,"YOU LOW LIFE,NO GOOD ,PILL POPPIN,BUTT DRAGGIN,MEAN,EVIL VARMENT"!! YOU JUST HAD TO DO THAT DIDN'T YA!! :grumpy: DURBA!! That was MEAN even for you.LOL! Sooooo,WHERE is the DURBA??tHE NEW GUYS JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND,IN A weak MOMENT(SURGERY,distracted by this blond nurse,who now has adopted me )LOL ! Anywho,I LOANED a Durba to a friend,he now refuses to return it & says I can have ANY three of his other K's as a trade. I think I will visit him later this evening,DARK & NO MOON!
THE DUCK! :cool:
Every watch a duck asleep? He'll be quiet, happy, and all of a sudden start to shake, a little fussing comes from the bill, and soon a quack-up. If there's no real danger, he'll grumpily and noisely settle once more into sleep, a few wing rustlings and one last quack.