I Just Received My First - Sebenza 25

Nov 20, 2014

Wow. It is a work of art. Everything is removed except what needs to be there.
Looks pretty sweet! Right now I'm agonizing over the 21 vs the 25. How did you decide?
I use my knives in a warehouse environment. It is my business, so I do everything. One day I might just open letters and work on the computer, the next I will be unloading pallets, cutting open boxes or some other more demanding task with my knife. I wanted a more durable knife, but wasn't quite ready for the 'Zan. With all that in mind, the 25 seemed the prefect knife for me.
I like the 25 also, got a few hanging around. It's a great work knife and will serve you well.
Congratulations and put it to work!!!
I really like the large hollow grind on the 25- its a thicker blade and should withstand more use (or abuse) than the regular hollow grind on the 21 or Umnumzaan. I keep waiting for a small 25 because that will displace the small Insingo I EDC.
Looks great my friend. That should provide you with a lifetime of use. Congrats!

I love the fact that you accidentally received a blank b-day card. Haha, awesome.
Yeah,I thought it was cool too. The b-day cards were stuck together. I usually do not keep boxes, but I am going to keep this box and everything that came with the knife.
I just bought the exact same knife myself. I can't put the thing down. Congrats!

Did you end up just ordering it or were you able to handle it first?
Congrats on your new knife. I know what you mean about not being able to put it down.

I just ordered it without ever touching one. I considered it a minimal risk. At worst, I would use it for a few days, decide I hated it and then lose a few bucks when I sold it. Now that I have it, I am very happy with my purchase.

Although the blade was not as sharp as I would like, that is an easily remedied problem. Other than that, the knife is totally awesome!