I lost my knife!

Apr 21, 1999
My knife is no where to be found! I looked everywhere in my room and I can't find it! I think one of my friends might have taken it as a joke, but none of them fessed up to it. Damn am I pissed off! Luckily, Im going to buy a knew knife next month (BM Axis). So if I never find my current knife, I'll have a new one soon.

We've all lost one at one time or another. I'm still ticked off over losing that mediocre Kershaw Black Colt last year. I still find myself looking behind the bookcase and behind the toilet brush hoping it will reappear.


I can also empathize. I don’t know if it was just me (or some mass conspiracy by the knife companies to make us all buy more knives), but I lost a number of blades by trying to use the clip feature that has become so popular. I have dedicated myself to sheathing my knives when possible, or just dropping it in my pocket, size permitting.

I have noticed that Chris Reeve Knives includes a disclaimer with their Sebenzas that states
The clip provided with your Sebenza is provided only to allow you to carry your knife convieniently. Please note that it is not intended to be a fail proof way of securing your knife. With movement, the knife can ease its way out of your pocket and, if such an event results in the loss of your knife, we cannot be held in any way responsible. Should You prefer to carry your knife on your belt, we offer a nylon sheath in both large and small sizes ($10.00 ea) or a leather sheath (tan or black) for the large only at $30.00.

Or in my words, What, your gonna carry your $300.00 knife hanging half way out of your pocket all day long and then complain that the clip we put on it because you wanted it that way (and admit it, John Q. Knifebuyer, you did) didn’t keep you from losing it, and your upset?

BTW, the cost of the leather sheath for the large has gone up to $35.00, and is worth every darn penny. And if I can convince CRK and Gfeller Casemakes to crank out a leather sheath for the small I would be one happy camper. Thank goodness for the fine talents of our esteemed college Gary (G2) Graley, I am now carrying my small Sebenza just where I want it, whatever the occasion. Thanks again, Gary!

well I know how that is I spent a week looking for one of mine, turn around and there it is.
I lost 125+ knives on the 27th of AprilMy home was burglurized and all my knives along with all my coinsand all my guns.Bummer

That is horrible. I hope those low life scum bags pay. I hope they suffer for their crimes. I also hope that you had insurance.

What can you share with us forumites in regards how to better protect our valuable collections?


If your job as a stage hand in somewhat physical then the sheath makes a lot of sense. But, for my daily routine a pocket clip is secure and convienant. Never lost one.

Sorry to hear so many sad stories.

Last year I lost my Delica. Not an expensive knife but one I carried daily. Six months later it showed up in the couch when we were getting things ready to clean the carpets. It's amazing how attached to a beater knfe you can get!

Definite bummer! Sorry to hear it.

There must be some way to prevent this kind of thing from happening. Other than Fort Knox setting aside reserve areas for knifenut collections, I'm not sure what it is. Do you have any thoughts on more practical solutions to this problem? I'm sure you've thought a lot since then on what you could/should have done.