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I Love my Madpoet!

Apr 19, 1999
I got my Madpoet today and i love it! It has this RAW solid feeling to it! It's a custom made 53/2 thick 4' Wharncliffe blade, full tang with a dark Desert ironwood scale. The minute i hold it, it gives this aura of strength and authority. Though i had general utility knife in mind but i had Mel made me a drop handle for reverse grip deffensive mode. I asked for a thumb rest with some form of horizontal filing for grip, Mel did a fancy filing instead, nice touch! It was a bonus since i didn't ask for it! The fit and finish is good too, Not forgetting that he's a nice guy to work with and i'm sure i'm not the first to mention it! I would recommend him to anyone who wants a custom knife with a fair price.
Good work Mel and you have another fan!

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After close examination, the file work on the thumb rest appears to be the alphabet 'M' for Madpoet or Mel sorg. Nice!
Welcome to the fold, Keninshiro! Madpoet's knives are superlative. I simply can't say enough about what an excellent job he does on them! Beautiful, solid, and not afraid to be used sums it up pretty well, though! As for that fileworking, he surprised me with it, too, when I ordered a couple custom kit knife blades from him. In my case he did an "A" for my last name. Here's a pic:
<img src = "http://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Lab/1298/initials.jpg">

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Hey Chiro, nice one! I'll post my knife pic. soon but how do you get such nice shots? Digital camera or the conventional ones? Thanks.
I love my Madpoets, also.
But who is the ******** who got my Damasteel bowie ?

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C rushing; Yes there is, try looking under the link secton in this forum for custom knife makers and you'll find Madpoet. Hope this help.
Glad to hear the word is getting out. Mel Sorg richly deserves all the praise.

In July I had the opportunity to meet Mel when I stopped by Park Rapids MN to pick up my custom 5-inch skinner clip blade w/ stag handle. Mel even took some extra pains to find a horn handle that felt "right" for a lefty (not an easy job I'd guess for a right-handed bladesmith

Problem is, as his fame and demand increases its likely to be harder to get more of these D-2 blades. Guess I'd been plan my next order now!

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Guys! Guess we're all on the same boat! I too have ordered another one from him but this time, i'm asking him to make me a Japanese "AIKUCHI"....I'll have to wait for awhile on this one but it'll be worth the wait! Go Mel!