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I may trade my Buck Strider PE SP

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Apr 27, 2001
I've got a full size Buck Strider 880SP Plain edge that I may part with. I really like this knife but could be tempted away with a few models. I have carried and used it lightly for about two months. A lot more carry than use.
Liners have been heat colored blue. A few marks in the bead blast on blade.(Sorry my digital camera is dead.)

Looking at Lonewolf Harsey T2 or an Al Mar Sere 2000. If someone is feeling generous, I'd love to try a BM630 Skirmish. I'm a plain edge blade fan. Knives in like condition. Need not be new as long as they are well cared for.

Hey Doc, sill a couple spots open in the BM630 Passaround. I'm looking forward to getting my hands wrapped around one of those myself!!!
Interested in a NIB Spyderco Dyad (full size, Micarta handle), never carried, never cut anything?
The Dyad has never really done much for me.

I can't really discuss a sale price here due to it being a trade forum. I would be disrespectful to Spark and the other members.

Is this the newer, ambi model? If so, Any interest in a like new BM 552 Ritter Griptilian