I must confess.............

Aug 13, 1999
I like cheap, less than $100 knives. You can pry, scrape, chop, stab and even open your beer if needed. The more scratches on it the more personality it has. If a cheap knife breaks, it is easy to go out and buy a new one. Cheap knives are like an old 4x4, you can take it anywhere and do anything you could do in an expensive one. Cheap knives laugh at expensive knives that just sit on the shelf and do nothing because Cheap knives do the real work and get to have all the fun. When bored, you can take your cheap knife and throw it at a tree.

I really think that cheap knives don't get the respect they deserve. People seem to look down on them because of the steel used or what the handle is made of. AUS6, CPM440A, ROSTFRE and a few others do tons of work and don't complain. Zytel, and other "nylon based" handles grip and hold like champs and are very durable. I really think that some people are more proud of that Sebenza on the shelf then that Cold Steel or CRKT in their pocket.

I myself have expensive blades. I have a couple of knives by Jimmy Lile before he died, that I will never use. I bought these from him personally at a knife show in Las Vegas and would be bummed if they ever sustained the least bit of damage. Cheap knives allow me to do what knives are made to do and not worry.

Lets all give a hand to cheap knives!
My Ka-Bar's nodding its pommel in agreement, while my Terzuola is stropping itself into a frenzy. My Sebenza's asking me how come I work him so hard when I'm obviously supposed to treat him gently.
Oh, and my $1.75 Albanian Butterfly just flew out the window!!

Anyways, I'm in partial agreement with you. I prefer using the best quality knives I can afford, but appreciate the really high priced items.... but if I had your Liles, I wouldn't use them either. I wouldn't depend on a Frost Cutlery item for everyday carry, though.

That's my two cents. Hey! How come you're giving me change?

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Inexpensive doesn't necessarily have to mean cheap. Most people when they hear the word cheap they not only think inexpensive, but cruddy or very inferior. I myself wanted to post a thread about QUALITY Inexpensive knives under say $50.
One Cheap, quality knife I recently bought was a Mora Knife (Frost) from Blue Ox Knives. This thing only cost me $15, including shipping, but it is very much QUALITY survival knife. The sheath is ugly black plastic, but it works. The laminated 4 1/2 " carbon steel blade is polished to a chrome finish, and is Bloody Sharp - beyond razor.
Another "cheap", quality knife that I want to get is the new reproduction of the old 1943 classic WWII Mark IV Navy knife - for $50 (Brigade Quartermasters), it seems to be HIGH QUALITY.
I can't talk about high quality inexpensive knives without mentioning the old USMC Ka-Bars still produced by several manufacturers - THEY"RE GREAT! Who can overlook Ontario Knives fine line of quality fixed blades and machetes.
Sure these knives can't pry open a tank and shouldn't be thrown or abused, but no knife should. And you don't have to take out a loan to be able to buy one.
Now as far as SUPER HIGH QUALITY inexpensive knives (under $200) are concerned, you can't do better than Livesay knives or Dozier Knives. Well that's muy humble opinion. I better stop because I'm rambling...
You can get a John Greco A-2 knife for under $100 and treasure it for the rest of your life.

Luke 22:36, John 18:6-11
I also have a few of Newt's knives.....they also fit in the low price catagory. I think his most expensive blade is $200. I just got an Air Assault that I have used and will keep on using.

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I agree whole heartedly. This is what I was talking about in my "most bang for your buck" thread. While I have some exxpensive folders in my collection. I have several users that I like also. My CRK&T M-16 for example. A great knife for the money.


For the guys that like cheap knives it looks like the next couple years look fantastic.
In fact there are so many good inexpensive factory knives on the market now and so many more coming it's starting to make a lot of the custom tactical type knifemakers look for other niche type markets to move into. Look around and you'll probably notice a lot of hybrid tac/gent, for need of a better term,
showing up. Seems a good direction to go since so many high quality factory knives are showing up.
The affordable choices we have now is incredible. I use "affordable" rather than "cheap" because I consciously or unconsciously associate "cheap" with lower quality. Many of the affordable choices available to us now are not low quality items, but good quality reliable products.

With BladeForums and all the feedback we get, we can buy from the some really great dealers and feel confident that what we get is backed up by the dealers personally. Many of the dealers and companies answer questions and concerns directly here on the forums. This kind of access to so many dealers and companies really makes me smile when I think about it.

I don't know about the rest of you, but my wallet can't keep up with all the bargains available in the "good knives under $50" range, let alone all the bargains available in the "good knives under $100" range.
I agree. What could be better than hi quality at a low cost?
Gotta' second Frank's thought. I don't own a BF Native for the simple reason that I really can't justify spending $100 for a knife just because I lust for it. The most I've spent for a knife since I was young and single is $63.95 for my Almite Walker -- money that was definitely well spent. The most I've ever spent was $75 for a Gerber Paul, way back in 1982.

WHenever knife people talk about knife prices and quality, we have to remember that our perspectives are warped by our love of knives. To 95% of people walking around, a $100 knive is awfully expensive. That being said I agree with everyone that says that it is only natural not to work a $300 or $400 knife like a $100 or $50 knife.
Good thread. I have to give a nod to my Schrade Pro-Hunter. I'm not sure what Schrade+ steel is composed of, but it holds one helluva edge. The drop point shape and size is perfect for hunting small game and deer, and the sheath is surprisingly nice. Total cost was $24.99 at K-Mart.
Next would be my Gerber Gator (not the ATS-34). I wore it daily working commercial construction for 5 years, and it still kicks some serious butt. I don't know if any of you have stripped the insulation off #500 copper wire for scrap money, but this knife has literally stripped thousands of feet and is still mighty mighty. Cost $40.00.
(But I still like my high-dollar blades!)
Price doesn't always equate to quality. The little Mora-made knives are IMHO one of the world's best cutlery buys -- we've had a little laminated blade in the camp kit for 30 years now, and it'll be used tomorrow when we're hiking up to the Burgess Shales in Yoho National Park, British Columbia. I keep a couple of plastic handled ones in the garage for trimming hedge and similar abuse. I carry and use my Voyager probably more than any other except for the humble SAK that's always in my pocket.
Thanks, man! This has made me realize I need to sell my XL Voyager (plain, tanto). I actually bought it with the intention of using it, but never have ('cept for cutting a little paper when I first got it). It had come down to that or the Stryker... I thought I would have a use for the 5" blade... NEVER! Not ONCE! IT's not the kinda thing you can carry most places. I can only throw it in a cargo pocket, 'cuz it sticks out too much anywhere else. It's my most expensive knife, but it isn't a collector's, a gent's OR a user!!! I'm gonna use the cash to buy either a Canemaster cane, or a smaller knife (Pioneer, Pocket Hobbit, Genesis, or something from the BM line). And I'll USE it! I do have one bone handled Camillus of equal size, which weighs a ton or two. That will be my "nice" knife.

I too am very impressed with my original clip point Gerber Gator, even after my dog got a hold of it and chewed it down to its Zytel liners. For a simple locking bar design it is one tough damn knife for under forty dollars easy. A whole lotta knife for a few pesos. Mine is still doing duty in my tackle box.
The schrade Pro Hunter was discontinued last year,probley the best knife Schrade ever made.They claim it is 440A steel.I have 3 of these 2 PH2 and 1 PH1.These Schrades are probley the best hunting knives for under $50 that you will ever see.Another good schrade that has been discontinued is the 160OT,the old mountain lion,1095 carbon steel,wonderful camp and hunting knife cost about $45.