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I Need A Job

Oct 3, 1998
Hey Mike and Spark,
Bit off the subject here,so it's OK to edit or delete

As of today, I'm unimployed.
I'm looking for a career involving knives, $70-$80,000 annual salary, benefits and a liberal travel allowance.
Let me know if you hear of anything.
I am not unemployed but if I can find a job like the one listed above I will quit my job and take it. if anyone knows of any please let me know.
Hi Bill,
With the benefits and salary you listed above, the only job I can think of that can match it is the Vice Presidency and to the best of my knowledge, that's an elected position--so the job is filled.

Seriously though, I hope you can find something that you want to do soon.

Best regards, and good luck.



You could start your own Knife store, or knife making company.

Seriously, it isn't that hard, it just depends on the approach you want to take and how much you are willing to initially invest.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for BladeForums.com

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I am unemployed too, and if A job like that opens up, I'll work for half as much

Private e-mail sent!


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Become Sal Glesser's bodyguard (although he may not need one as he carries his lightening quick Military).

ME TOO, ME TOO i need a job!!
sorry to here about you losing your job
" IT SUCKS" i know

what do(did) you do?
from the photo(mike posted) in you kind of look like a used car salesperson or maybe
a insurance saleperson!!!

(hehehe only kidding)

if anyone is looking for a ace salesperson
look no farther "i can sell a plate of ribs to a women wearing white gloves"
Resume sent on request

Gregg Lane
Still,unemployed salesman,
any work done.

[This message has been edited by txlazer (edited 28 January 1999).]
I know bill,
we talked about it once, either via e-mail or maybe when we spoke on the phone that one time
Anyway best of luck to you!!!!!
(still looking, what are ya'll waiting for)

Gregg Lane
unemployed salesman,
any work done.

Hang in there Bill, it took me 3 months to get hooked up (with a good company) again, and I'm just back on my feet, tho w/o the savings account I had before ! Hope you don't have to wait too long.
You either Greg !
Luck to both of you.
Been there, done that, a couple times. So, what did I decided to do? Become a knife maker! ;-( Benefits, if I want to pay for them. Liberal travel allowance, just so long as I let myself travel. Pay? Well, lets not discusss that......but at least I no longer have to wear a funny blue shirt and a tie;-)

Hey, anybody out there want to tell the guys on rec.knives that my e-mail is down, so I can't reply to anyone until its fixed???



I'm sorry to hear you're out of work. I'm afraid that any job I could suggest would involve way too much travelling

I hope things pick up and you find what you're looking for.

Take care,

Some people make things happen, some watch while things happen, and some wonder "What happened".

Bill and TXLAZER:

Sorry to hear about the job situation. I'll be quitting my job in a few months to move to Austin where there's a lure of more opportunities and a lower cost of living.

But, that sort of sounds scary now. TXLAZER, aren’t you from Austin? Here in Hawaii the economy sucks big time. I just assumed that it would be easier on the mainland.

Aren’t we due for a downswing in the business cycle? Every five years or so if I remember correctly. The Y2K deal could really be a catalyst. Then again, the US continue to grow.

Anyway, is the job outlook / employment situation on the mainland beginning to turn south? If so, I might have to make alternate plans.

I am a nursing home administrator. Stay away from that- believe me. With all the regulations, budget cuts and so many damn people to deal with it's enough to drive you nuts.

However, the Assisted Living business is booming and companies will hire and train. I’ve found there’s a lot of dysfunctional people in the Nursing Home field so BEWARE. Maybe I am too?

Anyway, good luck to the two of you. How about both of you hooking up on a knife venture?


Sorry to hear that! But from what I know of your background...you're extemely marketable!
As we've discussed in the past I am also in the ins. business in S. FL along with a few other endeavors I have taken on. Keep your license active, I'm an independant...can't say I love insurance but if you're as good at insurance as your are on knife commentaries...you'll have no problem getting in at the top level of a multi-line non captive agency. Believe me, I know! You may have a few years on me but I know you're a smart guy, don't sell yourself short. As far as the knife business, I love it, but it's alot harder sell than insurance! You don't need advice...just a break! Good luck to you. Email if I can assist you in anyway.


I wish all you Insurance Sales people would quit working so hard selling so many policies! ( I now work insurance claims )

By the way, it's a good job, but most people get quite upset when we cut (knife reference requirement) a claim. Good luck to you!