I need a large chopper....

Oct 28, 2000
I have had a few Busse's in the past, but for some reason they are now gone. I recently recieved a Badger Attack E in a trade, and am impressed. I was wanting a large chopping blade for a lot of abuse while camping/working, and am considering the Battle Mistress E, but I like the looks of the Mr. Mojo and have heard great things about the Steel Heart as well...

One problem is that I am not sure that an extra 5" on the end of my Badger would make it that great of a chopper... just doesn't seem like it would be that much larger.

I would love to see a picture comparison if possible. If I get one, it will be my main use blade for about a year, then I have a custom coming in to replace it, and the Busse will be my loaner blade that gets the hardest abuse but not the main work load.
I understand your problem...I mean, when I heard that the SH-E was a good chopper, I just didn't believe it. After I bought one and used it, I realized that it chopped amazingly well for its size, and was efficient even on quite large limbs. Now, I know I said for its size, becuase you have to take that into consideration, but it chops well enough for all my camp uses (unless I plan on cutting down some 5"plus trees or chopping a lot of dead hardwood). Also, if you use a nuckle-guard on a Busse, you enhance the chopping performance and increase safety at the same time. I've never chopped with a BM, but I've handled one, and it seems like a great chopper. Also, I'm not a great chopper, and I'm sure someone with more experience could do even more chopping with the SH. You should definitely read Greg Davenport's review of the SH (I don't know the link, and search is down :mad: ...maybe someone else knows it). The Battle Mistress makes a great companion to the BA, IMHO. Here's a pic of the two (I forgot who originally posted it...thanks):

BTW, if you didn't already know, the Natural Outlaw, Steel Heart E, and Battle Mistress E all have an extended hammer-pommel and lanyard hole that the Badger Attack E doesn't.

I think that for anything except larger trees, the BM would be quite efficient. The Mojo should be a good chopper aswell, but the BM should outchop it. If you're looking for a dedicated chopper, I think the BM-E is the way to go.
Since you already have a smaller blade for more detailed work, I think I would get the BM-E. I can't speak on the chopping of Mr. MOJO as I don't have one, but like you have heard good things about it.

I have attached a Picture of the BA-E, NO and SH-E
Good Luck in your decision and let us know which one you choose.
FWIW, I find the Natural Outlaw the best compromise.
The Natural Outlaw is about the shortest chopper and the handiest Busse of them all IMHO.I put a lanyard around my wrist and hold knife with two fingers for an extended hold.This seems to work great for me.
I appreciate the help. The pic was also great:) I am going to pick up a Battle Mistress as soon as I can get the cash saved up.
I have a Natural Outlaw on order. I believe the blade length is the shortest that should be used for a chopper. I ordered the NO because it will offer me the most options for my applications. It should be here in about 3 more weeks :).
If you already have a BA-E, I would get the BM-E to go with it.
The BM-E is an awesome chopper. I would take it over a machette or axe anyday.
Yours in nuclear chopping,
Andrew Pinchen