I need a number between 1 and ...........

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Oct 2, 1998
OK it is that time again. This month's winner will receive the Cetan Tanto by Simonich knives. So I will need a number between 1 and 1390 or whatever the total number of members is at 12AM. I will use the first number posted after midnight EST to draw the winner.

Keep in mind our clock is nearly always off so you can post a test message to find out the correct time difference.

Again the winner is chosen at random via the drawing. Each member is assigned a number which is given to them randomly. A member pics a number also at random and whoever is assigned that number is the winner. The winner must have posted at least once to win the prize so you lurkers need to decloak on ocassion to get in on the prize.

So good luck and thanks to Rob Simonich for his donation!

Next month our prize will be 2 knives! Both donated by James K. Mattis of Chai Cutlery. Look for the new cover to BladeForums to go up sometime tonight showing the new prize.

Good Luck!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Boy, I tell you, you sure know how to draw me into these forums! I'll be back at 12:00....
test (probably be a few hundred after this one though
Does this meen there will be two weiners next month?
Oh, test...
Ok, I think I'm a little early, but here i go:


oh puuuuuuhhhhhlllleeeeeeeeesssse be me!!!!
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