I need a review of the cuda with tantoblade

Apr 14, 2000
has anybody experiences with this fine tool?
I want to buy one soon for 120 bucks.
Is this a good deal?
Originally posted by ODIN:
has anybody experiences with this fine tool?
I want to buy one soon for 120 bucks.
Is this a good deal?

Give me till monday, I'll give you a review, little busy right now.
Mine broke..
Fell off the TV top, and the thing broke (my daughter's doing), around 1" from the tip. Now I have a square tipped cuda. Already wrote to Will about it though, still waiting for a response.

Ergonomics is nice though, much nicer than BM or some Spyderco I've handled.

Tanto CUDA
(My first review, hope you like it).

ATS-34 Blade just under 4 inches and very thick.
Besides looking brutally mean, it also can be practical. This was my first Tanto and I found no limitations using it as my daily carry, boxes, weeds, rope, and simple normal daily usage posed no problems. It is a heavy and thick blade so if you nick that ATS-34 be prepared to spend some time with your stones.

Handle G-10
Felt great, good ergonomics. I liked the roughness of the handle, and areas of the liner that were "saw toothed" to increase grip. The clip was located low like I prefer.

Liners Stainless
The liners were poorly finished on the edges. They just seem wimpy for such a heavy "stab me through a 55 gallon drum" kind of blade. I never had a lock failure but I never preformed the backside of the blade rap on a table test either.

Opening Mechanism
This is what is most fun and interesting about the knife. My button was loose, but hey, they all are! You can not put this thing down; six months of slamming this baby open and never had a problem.

Final Comment
Lets face it the opening mechanism is fast and fun, a major selling point of this knife. I can say I was happy with every aspect of this tool with the exception of the wimpy liners and a few other small gripes. Such a heavy aggressive blade needs more beef in the liners. I also was paranoid of the light detent when closed, although it never did open in my pocket I always checked it to be sure it had not come open. The light detent is a necessary evil to allow for the thumb opening to work correctly. When I tightened the pivot screw I would back it off to loose as opposed to a silky smooth feeling, this was also to allow the thumb button to work easily, I did get a slight blade wobble, not horrible but it is there.