I need a SOG tactical folder w/ G10 scales, or I will surely perish!!!

Mar 2, 2000
Hey, slap some G10 on the Vision, and I may never have to buy another brand (or model) of knife. ever.

I LOVE YOU GUYS (sniff).=--------Ed

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Hi Ed,

Yes, a G-10 handled Vision is on the way. And an inexpensive version with Zytel hanldes and a bead blasted blade. Both of these knives, along with the Titanium handled Vision will have the new ArcLock.

Look for these in a couple of months...and yes, pictures are on SOG's website.


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I'll second the request for G-10.
I'ld also like to see a similar version with a curved edge instead of a chisle point... kinda like the Tsunami...